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Inc, 2004)The overall performance of Pepsi-cola’s promotion strategies issatisfactory.
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Remember The Pepsi and iTunes Promotion : apple

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On the whole, Pepsi-cola has well-developed promotion plan andstrategies in all dimensions.
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I really think this works. I think it’s a bold move to be ahead of the curve regarding America’s changing self image. In the face of all the obesity and unhealthy food choices out there, dressing their brand in a more sophisticated, artsy manner seems to put pepsi in a different class. It looks more like something that I would see in whole foods, rather than in a gas station. Of course, I don’t know if this wasn’t their intention, but I like to pretend that I was pitching this new design and that’s how I would do it.

Pepsi-cola is able to create large incentive toconsumers, but it needs to consider the cost effectiveness of thesepromotions carefully.
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I’m not sure where this came from (and can not attest to its legitimacy, other than it seems like a lot of work for a hoax), but this is apparently a marketing document to justify the evolution of the new Pepsi logo, presumably by the Arnell Group.

Does anybody remember the Pepsi and iTunes promotion from about 10 years ago
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The thin typeface doesn’t help, either. Thin type is mostly air. Because of that, it can convey quietness, sophistication, authority, the kind that comes with understatement. But these qualities also require a conventional, grown-up typeface, not Pepsi’s quirky round one.

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It’s a huge noticeable change. People don’t like change like that. Pepsi knew the direction they needed to go and had the balls to do it. You know countless sniveling account execs raised the same issues many people with no real design or branding experience have raised. It stands out now. At first I didn’t like it, but now it gets my respect for not doing the obvious and stepping into that risky space while being true to the brand, as this excellent post dissects some of the branding history. I like it now. I’m not a huge Pepsi fan but have now started to drink it in place of Coke. Maybe just to say I’m a rebel… lol

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Overall, Pepsi is a company in the soft drink market
with a strong history, an impeccable image and an assurance of quality
in all aspects that explains its current success and will lead to its
undeniable success in the future.

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analysis of Pepsi’s marketing strategy, this report has built a clear
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Pepsi have been directed by their history in this project. Their desire to progress forward whilst retaining a link with the past has meant they have delivered a pudgy middle ground solution which doesnt fulfil the brief. The board should have had the balls the either reconnect with their past and make a statement of their history or forge a new direction. Instead they have confused things and delivered “pap”!