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Typically the only way victims of these types police assault and abuse can obtain justice is by filing a legal complaint. Our experienced police brutality attorneys, harassment attorneys and discrimination lawyers can help advise you on your legal options and recommended course of action. Common examples of police abuse include:

There have been numerous cases where police officers have intentionally brutalized people during attempted arrests.

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Police or public officials greet each new report of brutality with denials or explain that the act was an aberration, while the administrative and criminal systems that should deter these abuses by holding officers accountable instead virtually guarantee them impunity (Williams 45)....

With continuous civil disobedience, increasing cases of police brutality are growing at an exponential rate.

Bratton, who also led the New York City police department, now heads the New York-based Kroll consulting company as chairman. He also is a renowned expert in progressive community policing.

Often cases of police brutality are brought to our attention through public media showcasing very disturbing and sometimes unlawful situations.

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On November 24 in Ferguson, Missouri, a grand jury announced it would not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Brown, an unarmed black teen. A week later, a grand jury in New York decided not to prosecute police officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner's death. Garner, an unarmed African-American man, died after the white police officer wrestled him to the ground with a chokehold.

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Police alleged they saw Garner selling illegal untaxed cigarettes, but witnesses at the scene said he was stopped because he broke up a fight. After an argument, Officer Daniel Pantaleo placed Garner in a chokehold. Garner died of neck compression from the chokehold along with "the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police." Aftermath: The New York City medical examiner ruled Garner's death a homicide. Pantaleo was not indicted.

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The group says it got the idea to push police out of New York neighborhoods from the group Take Back the Bronx, which in 2011 began protesting the NYPD on heavily policed blocks throughout the Bronx.

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Gurley was shot in a dark stairwell of an East New York housing project building by Officer Peter Liang. Gurley was unarmed. Police Commissioner William Bratton called Gurley "a total innocent." "The cop who was standing behind Officer Liang doesn't know what happened; the girlfriend doesn't know what happened," a senior police official told the New York Times. "There is a distinct possibility that Officer Liang doesn't quite understand what happened." Aftermath: District Attorney Ken Thompson announced that he is investigating.