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South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) continued to work on Democratic Governance, Poverty and Livelihood, Human Security and Safe Environment, Peace and Regional Cooperation and Gender Justice during 2015-16. Major interventions of SAP-Pakistan this year include efforts for strengthening the democratic processes by making them more inclusive and accountable. The organization is implementing AAWAZ Voice and Accountability Programme in 13 districts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in this regard. The programme strives to make significant contribution by pushing for inclusive democracy, stronger accountability and issue based political processes. Women participation in political and public sphere, peaceful dispute resolution and social cohesion and raising demand for better social services are major interventions of the programme.

“There are cultural issues around the way politics are done in the Asian community which have to change,” he said.

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“Politics are done differently in Pakistan, it is a cultural difference we have imported some of that into some of these northern towns and cities and I think we have to face up to the fact that we can’t carry on doing politics like that.

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SAP-Pakistan is the only South Asian NGO working in Pakistan. As member of South Asian civil society movement, is striving to empower marginalized sections of society and working to influence policies in favor of people. SAP-PK is one of the leading national organizations playing vital role in promoting participation, collective actions, and right based activism in Pakistan for the last 28 years. The organization strives for the creation of a society based on the principles of equality, peaceful coexistence, democracy, good governance and justice……

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The second major party in Pakistan is Pakistan Muslim League (PML), which consists of two factions: PML-N is the largest faction led by Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.