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Popular Culture And Power One of the dynamics of intercultural communication is power.

cyber culture, and popular music

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Sharalyn Orbaugh, professor of Asian studies and women’s & gender studies at the University of British Columbia, is a specialist in modern Japanese literature and cultural studies. Her research addresses issues of race, gender, sexuality and visuality in Japanese fiction and film, as well as popular culture media such as manga and anime.

Which of the following characteristics is more typical of a popular culture than a folk culture?

PopKult - Popular Music and Movies from Eurasia

In addition to its rich European and African heritage, U.S. popular music is flavored with sounds drawn from many parts of the Americas, including indigenous traditions.

(who teaches on music videos, television history, and popular culture)

Virtual worlds represent an important new modality of human interaction. The discussion will focus on emerging forms of popular culture in virtual worlds, the promise of ethnographic methods for studying these emerging forms of popular culture, and the broad social implications of their emergence.

Popular culture is an expression of a country’s distinctive traditions, history, and language, ..

Understanding pop music's role in adolescent culture also requires ..

Avatar, Captain America,
the film industry Representing Cultural Groups Popular Culture and Stereotyping
Alexis Tan, Yuki Fujioka, and Gerdean Tan [2000] found that more negative coverage increased negative stereotypes about African Americans.

Exceptional State: Contemporary U.S. Culture and the …

U.S.-made films industry earns far more outside the United States than from the domestic box office receipts (Guback, 1969; Guback & Varis, 1982) The Korean Wave
~Hallyu~ Demonstrated the profitability of South Korean popular culture.


It fills a social function Intercultural contact and intercultural communication play a central role in the creation and maintenance of popular culture High culture Folk Culture Popular Culture Elite aristocratic
expressions of culture Traditional and nonmainstream cultural activities that are not financially driven Ever-present cultural products designed for profitable consumption Rich members of the political establishment Most cultural groups, especially middle class Almost everyone in a social group Capitol Steps Gmail’s 57th Supported Language is Cherokee, Its First Native American Tribal Language Resisting Popular Culture Is produce by people that avoid certain forms of popular culture in one kind of resistance, but resistance can occur in a variety of ways Global Circulation of Images and Commodities Cultural Imperialism Most of the internationally circulated popular culture is U.S.

Popular Culture And Power One of the dynamics of ..

Popular culture is not consumption, it is culture-the active process of generating and circulating meanings and pleasures within a social system: culture, however industrialized, can never be adequately described in terms of the buying and selling of commodities (p.23) Four Characteristics of Popular Culture 1.

How Latin America has changed U.S. Music - Popular …

Popular Culture John Fiske [1989] professor of Communication arts, explains: What Is Popular Culture To be made into popular culture, a commodity must also bear the interest of the people.