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Craddock, whose group supports the bill, estimates it could apply to at least 200 pregnant inmates.

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The state can't afford the status quo, Adams said, so she introduced the bill to steer some pregnant jail inmates into treatment centers. To qualify, they could not be charged with violent or sexual offenses. They would have to reside at a rehabilitation center and complete treatment. They would have to stay out of trouble, show up for their court appearances and have no contact with their alleged victims or potential witnesses who might testify at their trials.

A prison manager is seen meeting with inmate gang members less than half an hour before prisoners engage in fatal attack.

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In a cell block inside one of the state’s most dangerous prisons, an inmate stabs a rival gang member 13 times. When investigators examine surveillance videos of the murder, they’re troubled by what happens a few hours later.

In 2001, he murdered Deal in the jail, and two years later he killed an inmate in the Reidsville State Prison.

Law enforcement authorities, who announced the charges Friday, say the inmates were working inside the prison’s sewing plant on Oct. 12 when they carried out the failed escape plan.

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Looking for an alternative to locking up expectant mothers, some lawmakers are pushing a bill that would set conditions to transfer some pregnant inmates into rehabilitation centers. The proposal would apply to mothers-to-be awaiting trial on nonviolent charges, and is a recognition that many are in custody for drug offenses in a state overwhelmed by drug addiction.