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Because of the constraints of word limit, this essay will confine its exploration to the character of Hamlet himself to exemplify the play’s reflection of the Italian Renaissance.

Above all, Hamlet has read Pico della Mirandola on the Dignity of Man, and has faith in the power of free will and reason.
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The end of this quote also indicates Hamlet’s very human problem and a very real consideration for the humanists and humanistically trained public men of the Renaissance.

Finally, in his attitude to death and the purposes of life before it, Hamlet also reflects the ideology of renaissance society.
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Thus Hamlet faces and accepts death in general, then the death of Ophelia, and still goes on with his life to plan and achieve his purpose, the death of Claudius; and he even displays a degree of humour whilst he knows he is risking his own death.

A Comparison of Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet and Machiavelli’s The Prince
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