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Here Edna learns to swim - one of her big "awakenings"
Robert leaves to Mexico
Edna and her family go back to New Orleans where she neglects her social duties.
Leonce leaves on business and Edna becomes even more independent and buys her own house and has an affair with Alcee.
Robert arrives back from Mexico and him and Edna express their love for each other.
Edna witnesses Adele's childbirth
Edna returns to the house and Robert is gone.

Freedom v Society
Edna's main conflict throughout the book is discovering her freedom amongst the expectations of society.
“looking at his wife as one looks at a valuable piece of personal property which has suffered some damage” (Chopin 4).

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Chopin rebelled against societal norms (just like Edna) of her time era and composed the novel, The Awakening, using attitudes of characters in favor to gender, variations in the main character, descriptions and Edna's suicide to show her feminist situation.

“she was blindly following whatever impulse moved her, as is she had placed herself in alien hands for direction, and freed her soul of responsibility (Chopin 38)”
Kate Chopin:
- Sent to a Catholic Boarding School
- Lived with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother
- Never witnessed female submission and male domination common during this time
The Awakening
- Highly controversial

Grand Isle
New Orleans
Edna's death
“daily casting aside that fictitious self which we assume like a garment with which to appear before the world” (Chopin 67).

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This theme is evident in both “The Storm” by Kate Chopin and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman; both stories have the underlying theme of love and marriage, but are interpreted in different ways....

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The novel “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin tells the story of Edna Pontellier, a woman, who is held in chains by the common to the century, where the story takes place.

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Chopin, born O'Flaherty, wasn't renowned as a writer during her time, but she has achieved recognition in the 20th century especially with her 1899 novel "The Awakening".

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During these years Chopin wrote numerous other works and most, like At Fault and The Awakening, centered around upper-middle class Creole or French women involved in womanly uncertainties; such as, extramarital affairs, acceptable behavior in society for females, duties as a wife, responsibil...