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• use of tests that align more closely with public school than with private school curricula

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"I don't mind competing against them, especially if you're good enough to do it," Frendt said. "If you had one side of the bracket that was all privates, they beat up on each other, and the other side is public schools. You'd get the best public school, and that could give them a shot."

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Kunce said he would like to see them separated, but later mentioned that having private schools compete on one side of a bracket, public schools on the other, and the winners meeting for the state title would be something he would support, as well. Frendt is also in favor of such a move. Of course, that would make for a much shorter trip to the finals for the private schools than the public ones, as they're outnumbered 6-to-1.

Some private schools share facilities with their public counterparts because they don't have their own. Cardinal Mooney, for instance, played its football games this season at East China Stadium. In the past, it had played at New Haven Middle School.

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"School of choice was a big game-changer," Johnson said. "Never have students been more mobile between public schools than they are now. Historically, the easiest allegation to make in our handbook and the hardest to prove is what we call undue influence."

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While recruiting is most often an accusation leveled against private schools, the same finger is now being pointed at public schools, as school of choice has changed things throughout the state.

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Recruiting happens, and one would be hard-pressed to find someone who follows high school athletics who denies that. McAndrews won't deny that it happens in places, but he isn't happy when people lump all private schools together.

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"(Complaints to the MHSAA) tends to spike when you have a lot of private schools that win," Johnson said. "But, again, it's the kinds of comments, 'What are you going to do about it?' It's not that this school has five kids that moved when assistant coach A moved from our school to that private school. It's talk without substance."

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The MHSAA has rules in place to help curb recruiting, the most prominent being that students who transfer schools have to sit out one semester athletically. That rule goes for public and private schools.

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There have been public school powerhouses, as well, over the last 20 years. Some of them right here in the Blue Water Area, as Marysville won eight straight Class B volleyball titles, and Richmond is part of a back-and-forth with Dundee that has seen the two public-school counterparts grab seven of the last nine Division 3 titles, with at least one of them being in the finals each of those nine years.