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The Sun is the deity of spring, love and of the birth of every living creature.

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On the eve of big holidays, such as Midsummer Night, Easter, Whitsunday and Christmas, witches gather on a Sabbath. They fly together on old trees (oaks, birches, pear-trees). It is believed that in Kiev they gather on Bald Mountain. In order to fly on a Sabbath, a witch must be smeared with an ointment made of magical herbs. Then she rides a poker or a birch stick and flies out the chimney. On a Sabbath, witches feast, dance with devils, and fight.

All praise is due to Allah the Cherisher and sustainer of all the worlds And for us Allah is the Sufficiency and the excellent Protector.

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Treasure, as one might imagine, is a collection of valuable things hidden for a specific amount of time. The owner can take the treasure when it is not hidden and not endure any negative consequences, if the treasure is hidden - it becomes "evil". It is guarded by demons or by souls of famous robbers: Stepan Rasin, Emelian Pugachev and others. Treasures were hidden in woods, fields, caves, mountains, vaults of old castles, in people's homes – behind the stove, in the wall or in the cellar. Sometimes treasures go out on the surface and shine. Usually it happens on the eve of Midsummer Night, Easter, Christmas and Palm Sunday. On these nights in place of a treasure one can see a burning candle or a pale light. If one doesn't know magic methods and tries to take an "evil" treasure, he will fall ill or die.

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Who existed when there was neither the stable sky nor the broad earth nor the brilliant sun nor the dark night, nor the bright day, nor the vast and stormy sea, nor any sublime and stable mountain, nor any revolving planet, nor the luminous moon, nor any blowing wind, nor any raining cloud, nor flashing lightning, nor any praising thunder, nor any breathing soul, nor any flying bird, nor any blazing fire, nor any flowing water.

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Frost is a kin of the sun and wind. It's an angry old man with a red nose, in fur and ice shoes (Santa Claus became kind much later). Week days were divided by the different sexes - male (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and female (Wednesday and Friday). Mondays in myths are a grey-haired old woman, who stands at the gates of Eden. She meets the souls of dead people and asks them about their sins.

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The Field-sprite is a horned young man with a tail and long legs. His whistle is a call for strong winds. He guards underground treasures. When angry, he can keep the rain clouds off the field, beckons flie, gadflies and destroy fences.

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The devil is the most mysterious mythological hero. In folk tales he is neither Satan, nor a devil from the Bible. He looks like a man with hoofs and a tail, which he hides under his clothes. He wears a soldier's uniform and a hat (in order to hide horns). A devil can turn into a cat, a dog, a pig, a sheep, a raven and an eagle or owl. More often he turns into a whirlwind. Flying in whirlwinds, devils marry each other in a haze of chaos and disorder. A devil can do only evil. He consistently tries to destroy a person by gaining possession of his soul. Devils are witches' and wizards' servants. They are also afraid of prayers, crosses, holy water and the name of God.

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Holidays in Russia are divided into two categories: church holidays and secular holidays. Orthodox Church holidays include Easter, wakes and twelve main holidays based on the Orthodox calendar in honor of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God: Christmas, Epiphany, Whitsunday and others. Wakes are holidays concerned with the consecration of temples or with important events in the lives of saints, in whose honor the temples were built. Folk holidays include Christmastide, Shrovetide, and different male, female, youth holidays and also sacred holidays. Sacred holidays were devoted to local events, which were often tragic.

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Christmas-tide is the main winter holiday. It lasts for two weeks (25th of December / 7th of January) till Epiphany (6th of January / 19th of January). Praising of Christ is one of the Christmas-tide ceremonies. Children gathered in groups of 5-6 and made rounds to all houses in an area. One of them carried a star. Entering the house, children said a prayer and praised Christ and recited Christmas poems. Then they sprinkle the house and everybody in it with grain. Making these rounds to the houses symbolized the coming of the Magi to the new-born Christ. Grain was a symbol of wealth and happiness in the house.