Knox Overstreet played a fair part in the film Dead Poets Society.

“The Dead Poets Society” is set in the mid 60’s in an upper class prep school.

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In the Movie," Dead Poets Society," a group of students from the Welton Prep School are moved by the teachings of their English teacher, Professor Keating.

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The tune that Keating whistles is Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. He whistles this tune one the first day of class to lead the students out of the classroom, and before he tells them of the Dead Poets Society. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is the “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” song played during the soccer game when they exalt Keating. Beethoven’s Concreto 5 is played in an extra scene where the students are sitting blindfolded at their desks listening to this piece. These are all romantic scenes.

The speaker personifies death as a polite and considerate gentleman who takes her in a carriage for a romantic journey; however, at the end of this poem, she finishes her expedition realizing that she has died many years ago.

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The opposite of romanticism in the movie Dead Poets Society is realism. Instead of the idealized vision of life presented in romanticism that was compounded of hopes and feelings, realism tended to be a mimic of life.

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Although one may not completely understand her as a legend, a writer, or as a part of literature books, she is considered one of America’s greatest poets.

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During the formation of the Dead Poet’s Society, Cameron worries about the personal implications of the club saying to one boy, “[Do] you know how many demerits we're talking?”....

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Disclaimer: I am choosing to use Britannica and Webster in order define the terminology used on my pages. While to truly understand romanticism, you need to experience it, for the purposes of clarity, these definitions are to aid in expressing the fullness of 19th C. romantic thought, which includes so much more than the modern definition of “romantic,” which many people limit to being in a relationship or thinking solely of love, candy, flowers, sex, etc. I also wanted to define realism, so that people could see that I am using the terms as opposites.

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His unique voice, which is less passionate and idealistic than those of other war poets, is complemented by his unusual and experimental style of writing....

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This change over a period of time symbolizes turning from a realist to a romantic thinker, not afraid to separate themselves from the uniform and brainwashed world of individuals tentative to say what is needed...