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Reconstructing the Life of an Unknown (ca. 500 Years …
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Introduction: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity - …

This extract is the introductory chapter to Remaking Home: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity in Rome and Amsterdam. It gives an outline of the book which focuses on the process of reconstructing life, place and identity and examines how refugees, understood as social actors, make and remake their lives in new sociocultural environments.

. Introduction: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity.[Book Section] ROAR. New York: Berghahn Books; 2009 Available from:
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What kind of life pleases the Father? | Reconstructing …

Saline implants are plastic shells made of silicone externally and filled with salt water. Reconstructions using permanent saline implants tend to result in a less natural appearance and feel than reconstructions using silicone gel filled implants. In addition, the average life-span of saline implants is around 10 years, which is shorter than silicone implants. Other than a few limited indications, saline implants are not recommended for use as the permanent breast prosthesis for reconstruction.

Lost and Found: A survivor's guide for reconstructing life after brain injury
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● We are committed to democratic practice in Jewish life and believe that people hold the right—and obligation—to reconstruct Judaism in order for it to remain relevant in our lives.

Residents who successfully complete their stay at Quin House can transition back into the community through the Reconstructing Life after Dependency (RLAD) program.
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