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Ordens aus dem Original-Schriften gezogen.I may now be permitted to make a few reflections on the accounts alreadygiven of this Order, which has so distinctly concentrated the casual andscattered efforts of its prompters, the, theand é of France, andcarried on the system of enlightening and reforming the world.

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Weishauptsays, "These things were not carried into effect-only spoken of, and arejustifiable when taken in proper connection." This however he has not pointedout; but he appeals to the account of the Order; which he had published atRegensburg, and in which neither these things are to be found, nor anypossibility of a connection by which they may be justified.

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Romanticlove, and chivalry, are strong instances of the strange vagaries of ourimagination, when carried along by this enthusiastic admiration of femalepurity; and so unnatural and forced, that they could only be temporary fashions.