In the Middle Ages, nearly all of the art was based on religion.

What were the Middle Ages?The Middle Ages lasted from the 5th Century until the late 15th Century.

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In the Middle Middle Ages, churches and cathedrals were still major parts of art.


218)"Though people in the United States and Europe today generally think of millet as fodder for horses, millet is an importantstaple grain for poor people in much of Asia, Russia, and western Africa, just as it was for Europeans though the Middle Ages.

The rules of the Middle Ages were much stricter than those of the Renaissance.

Renaissance in the Middle ages, the Renaissance started in the Italy and it took 2 peer editing college application essays centuries to spread all over the Europe.

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"We also have to remember that the Catholic Church had a strong grip on the Nordic region during most of the Middle Ages. The Church considered all extramarital activity as something criminal,” he said.

c.1350-1550 Period of European history that followed the Middle Ages

That great leap you make from the Middle Ages to the Age of Enlightenment leaps over the Renaissance where the idea that Humans are the Measure of all renaissance vs.

The Middle Ages was a time of little progress

Stockholm University’s Ljungqvist says that rape was such an extremely serious crime in the Middle Ages that there is little evidence that it was common.

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"Neapolitans claim that zeppole were invented in Naples someteims in the Middle Ages, wehn they were made with a little white ineand a branc of rosemary.