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A safe classroom environment has many different aspects that work in conjunction with each other

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I like how you plan on reinforcing the classroom rules by praising students! It is important for us to remember that a little encouragement and positive reinforcement goes a long way!

However the philosophy of respecting the child's choice and following the direction of his interests is of value anywhere.

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Stand on the playground during recess or in the hall during lunch and you’ll hear the usual conversations about boys, girls, sports, homework, teachers and student life in general, but what you’re also likely to hear are many disrespectful comments being made between students. Generally these are not scathing comments that will scar an individual for life, but they are rude, disrespectful, sarcastic and basically inappropriate comments for anyone to make toward another.

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The perfect resource for the beginning of the year in your beginning orchestra class! This book contains 42 pages of worksheets to teach beginning note reading and also fingerings/notes for orchestra students. Students will learn how to draw notes and understand clef and note names. Ear training exercises are also included. At the end of the book, students learn the fingerings and names of notes for the D and A strings. Purchase of this product will give you the file to download and permission to print as many copies as needed for your classroom. Pages are included for violin, viola, cello, and bass students. Pages may be printed individually for worksheets, or all together and bound into a workbook for each student.

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In or out of our awareness we are modeling appropriate behavior for all students. If we allow or ignore comments of disrespect between students, regardless of how mild, we are sending the message these types of comments are acceptable. The fact that we ignore or do not comment actually reinforces this behavior and increases the likelihood such comments will continue. As teachers, we can’t control what happens in a student’s life at home, at work, or even in the hallway, but we can control what happens in our classrooms (Beamon 2001; Daniel and Benton 1995).

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Sometimes as teachers we forget that our job is not only to provide the opportunity and information to learn it is also our job to provide a safe and positive school environment where learning may take place. Most of us are quick to stop out right aggressive behavior or violent talk, but far too often the more mild disrespectful and sarcastic comments are allowed to go unchallenged

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Fiddle Tune for Beginners is an arrangement of a simple fiddle tune for string orchestra. The arrangement includes parts for 3 different skill levels so that this can be used in a classroom with true beginners and more advanced beginning players. Each part is only 8 measure long, but it can be repeated over and over as students try to play a different part each time. I would use this for the first week of my beginning orchestra class. Parts are included for violin, viola, cello, and bass. There is also a score included.

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I really like the idea of having the students give examples. I think that sometimes I (and maybe others too) assume that a student knows what respect means in practice. This is a good reminder.

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I have found that beginning students thrive when they are able to hear more advanced parts to the music they are learning. Students always desire to learn the more difficult part because they like how it sounds. That makes students practice more and figure out the harder parts. It keep the orchestra class moving quickly!