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The 20 Pound note of British currency appears to hold a similar Hebrew star encoded secret to the US note. Look closely at the image below. The building visible is The and it has a little more history tied to Rome than many are aware of and by clicking the link here one can see. In th link above press Ctrl F and search these words in context... 'Temple of the Sun' and 'Constantine'

There is what many Dan Brown and Holy Blood Holy Grail fans will insist is the 'Rose line' symbol at the centre of the geometry. The building displays many Roman clues, to that encompasing constantine and the previous Sun Temple design code. But the geometry here is a work of art. Even how one of the main points of the symbols pin points from the navel of the statue of an interesting centre mounted deity at the top of the roof. The navel is an important detail in the human blueprint code theory I have found in ancient civilisations and in Da Vinci's paintings. The roof top statue looks more like the famous Lady Liberty Sun-god deity, but no doubt the same Roman figurehead from the old coinage. One of the four main statues out of view, closer to the entrance is holding keys. (Not visible in the image here). I have found this complex geometry code on the 20 Pound note in some of . Note the Hebrew Star of David, and two pentacles. The larger one I believe is very positive and celebrates the sacred star in my star maps but the second one has me a little concerned. closest to the roof of the building is probably just coincidence, because this symbol is very negative. My personal belief is that only the two large star symbols are part of the design code of the note, if anything.

The Rise of Christianity and Rome By: Da'Shaun Jefferies Welcome to my Wiki Welcome to my wiki page, I hope you find it very informational and helpful.

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The extra detail of the third star now begins to make its mark and can be referenced further at the bottom of this article. Earlier on the solar trinity aspect of ancient sun worship was mentioned. In essence, there seems to be some remnant of the ancient ritual of “Sol Invictus” here. Here is a view close to what the Pope would have seen long before the modern buildings of Rome blocked his view. The ritual appears to interpret the old sun worship solar obelisks of ancient Egypt. A moment when an alignment occurrence with stars in the heavens as they are represented on the ground when looking down the causeway.

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The Seven Hills of Rome layout pattern is questionable and I believe since they are just natural hills it is very unlikely they map the exact star pattern of the Pleiades. I am more inclined to accept them symbolically as a cluster of seven hills representing the Pleiades. Here is a more up to date study of the , their names and their layout.
An amazing piece of history is revelaed in the link above. The area between the seven hills and the star castle holds a very controversial name: It is referred to as The Field of Mars! Is it possible the builders of Rome had ancient records of their star ancestors including a map of the lost civilisation of Mars? Sounds like wild speculation until you test the anomaly layout pattern on Mars that follows. Coincidently the origins of the city name near the pyramids in Egypt originates from the ancient Egyptian word 'Al-Qahirah' which duplicates the same description... 'A place like Mars'... and yes its most sacred pyramids match the same star pattern found right at the centre of the pyramid field! See the link at bottom of page. The causeway length from the sacred cross piazza (representative of Solomon's secret template of Orion) is 3.3 stade in distance. (The St Peters piazza is one stade (Roman length measurement).

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There came a new influx of Orthodox Christians into southernItaly with the Albanian immigration of the 15th century. Theseparishes soon became "Uniate"—being in union with Rome. Today, their liturgyand customs are Orthodox but in fact they are Byzantine Rite parishes of the Catholic Church.

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Already we have virtual proof with an orientation match where the forgotten cross symbol clearly fits as Orion since it matches orientation and points to the 'mystery star' position (centre of talisman) at its most sacred place in the heavens... just above the Eastern horizon. The puzzle is completed with the star icons in the outer ring being pieced together in an anti-clockwise order to form the Pleiades. It is depicting the Pleiades in an exact orientation that can be tested on a computer star atlas. As expected... Here it is below, matching with similar orientation over the Sun Rise position perfectly East, aligned with the Vatican causeway, seen on a star computer program at a very early epoch. Now here is an interesting experiment. Using a star atlas there is one date where both Orion and the Pleiades have an appropriate match in Rome or Jerusalem where the solomon Key parchment has an exact match.

It occurs on the 25th December and very true as far back as 3000BC... where the mystery star target is perfectly due West on the horizon, and exactly 12 hours later on the Eastern horizon at 7.40pm for the Pleiades where the same mystery star target is also perfectly placed due East.

For those with star programs, log in this date and time on a computer star atlas with Rome as the place of view and see the obvious. The same target position of a missing star is revealed using two different constellation references, one placed perfectly West and the other 12 hours later on the Eastern horizon. This perfect pattern match with the Solomon Key talisman occurs on other dates including around 2000BC as shown in the images and a lot closer to the building date of the Vatican.

I believe the importance here is that the talisman reproduces two unique constellations with accurate orientations perfectly East and West on the same day for one single little mysterious star on the horizon that I had found to be Sun-like!

The same two patterns are visible from Jerusalem but at a slightly different time of the day. These interesting dates will be listed shortly with further reasoning.

Orion is beneath the horizon so the two alignment lines cross... from Orion's three belt stars in a row... and now the Pleiades as the Egyptian 'leg of the bull' constellation alignment placed over the Eastern horizon. The coordinates are multiple and measurable at the very same position near the ecliptic that was found with the Orion alignment! All that remains is to test what star is in this position on the horizon and at what ancient epoch.