he gained international fame as New York City’s leader …

When the book was first released Giuliani denied and later admitted it was true.
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his time as a national Republican leader is ..

To make the claim that the former Mayor is at fault for terrorist attacks in NYC may possibly contend as one of the most unfounded theories perpetuated by liberals, ever. How could any responsible citizen make the claim that Mayor Giuliani should receive any fault for the hijacking of planes in midair and their redirection into the World Trade Centers. Mr. Giuliani may not have the greatest depth when it comes to national leadership, but certainly his qualifications place him ahead of Senators Clinton and Obama who have never lead anything other than a campaign staff and Senate committees.

The Mayor s campaign also has enlisted other right-leaning list companies.
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Rudy Giuliani is a different man from the moderate …

I never said Giuliani could have prevented 9/11. The issue is the command center, and he is completely responsible for where the command center was located. He was mayor of NYC, and he had the final say about its location. Rudy always has the final say about everything. Rudy knew perfectly well that the WTC had been attacked before. He had eight years in office to find a more suitable location or at least have some type of backup. How can anyone who would put the command center near the very place that had already been attacked by terrorists be considered fit to be president? He couldn’t make a good decision about that one thing in one city. Common sense would dictate that putting it in 7 World Trade Center was just stupid. Just imagine him handling the entire country. He is only trying to pass the buck because he is too much of a coward. He is an egomaniac who tries to make other people the fall guys for his own incompetence. He is another Bush or worse. One could write a book about Rudy.

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He continued for six months as a consultant to baseball, with a private hotline on his City Hall desk that rang directly from the Major League offices".

More and more of those arrested...were jailed and released without ever having been formally charged with a crime.
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May 15, 2007 · Rudolph W

As for Giuliani: The first WTC bombing made very clear that there were serious deficiencies in the way FDNY and NYPD communicated in an emergency, with many units unable to talk to each other whatsoever. The two departments then had years to sort out this problem but never sorted out their differences; more importantly, the mayor failed to make them do so. His utter failure to properly manage FDNY and NYPD and steer them towards emergency preparedness cost many, many lives on 9/11. While his character on that terrible day will always be remembered, it doesn’t make him a hero and it certainly doesn’t make him worthy of the Presidency. For that you must look at a man’s entire record…

Giuliani and the Bunker, Re-examined

You know what, if you hate Giuliani and want to have a decent discussion about it, great, i am all for having that. However, to completely discredit him and give it ALL to Hillary is just obscene. And I am not denying leadership that hillary showed, but your hypocrisy amazes me.
I think there were flaws, but Rudy overall was a leader on 9/11. The place was supposed to be cleaned up in 30 months, he did it in 9. Now some of his specific means may be debateable, but do not take away all the credit from him.

How much credit does Giuliani deserve for fighting …

#6, The WTC was the only site attacked previously that century, only an egocentric numbskull would put any first responder coordination near the place. Also traffic there and in midtown is about the worst in all of NYC. It’s like putting the nuclear plant control room right next door to the core (bad idea). There were alternate preferable sites, not underground, and coordination doesn’t have to be nearby; he just wanted a short walk from City Hall if he ever had to wander over.

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I will hand all the credit to Hillary Clinton because she deserves it. Who do you think you are to tell me differently?!!!!!! Giulini deserves no credit at all for helping the city. He does deserve credit for getting all the phony photo-ops that made him look like a leader. He led nothing. He made sure he was safe as a bug in rug. He is another coward with nothing but a big mouth.