Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, and Highland Bali:

In 1953, Margaret Mead and Rhoda Métraux produced , a compilation of research from this period.
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To Cherish the Life of the World: Selected Letters of Margaret Mead.

We encourage you to use this website to connect to the many resources available to answer your inquiry about Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson and their intellectual legacy. However, The Institute for Intercultural Studies, founded by Margaret Mead in 1944, has closed its doors as of December 31, 2009; no further contact information is available. For contact about permissions please see the section of the website.

Margaret Mead was a pioneer in the use of film and photography to analyze culture and society.
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Intertwined Lives: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict and Their Circle.

Jeanne Guillemin's new introduction provides a lively in-depth description of Margaret Mead's career in the early days of anthropology as well as Mead's later reactions to how "her Manus" entered the modern world.

Margaret Mead: The Complete Bibliography 1925-1976.
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)Following the sensational success of her first book, Coming of Age in Samoa, Margaret Mead continued her brilliant work in Growing Up in New Guinea, detailing her study of the Manus, a New Guinea people still untouched by the outside world when she visited them in 1928.

Margaret Mead. Silver Burdett Press, 1989.
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We Mead to talk about Margaret. | for shame!

Born in the first year of the 20th century, it is fitting that Margaret Mead should have been one of the first anthropologists to use anthropological analysis to study the future course of human civilization.

Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict: The Kinship of …

Press, 1999)The Manus of New Guinea's Pere village were Margaret Mead's most favored community, the people to whom she returned five times before she died in 1978.