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Central Idea: To inform the effects, causes, and solutions of school violence.

to solve school violence in Korean society.

In this searing critique of policy in relation to youth violence, Gus John focuses in particular on black young people and calls for a renewed role for youth work and education.

News articles about violent deeds within the school setting are on the increase.

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Finally, according to not all youth are at the same level of risk of violence. Some of these young people are more vulnerable and more socially disadvantaged. According to this report, marginalise youth- particularly those who live in urban communities without access to basic necessities- are at higher risk of being victims and perpetrators of violence. However, a study on highlights that demographically, the perpetration of (and victimization by) violence appears to be concentrated primarily among young males aged 15 to 34.

In the 1990s, many youngsters returned to El Salvador and took with them the gang culture. This expulsion added more violent gang members into a less organized and violent local gang culture already in existence in El Salvador. Within this environment of extreme poverty and unemployment, there was a great rise in violence and gang participation.

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Teenagers and young adults, both men and women, are victims of physical, sexual, and psychological violence, neglect and social discrimination a home, school and in the community. Besides youth and street gangs, young people are involved in direct violence related to rivalries between members of sport clubs and different schools as well as student violence within schools, some of which has led to serious assaults and even homicides.

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This is not disregarding the teenager, but an effective violence prevention strategy should work like the "public health model" and address the primary issue of prevention before the problem has been identified.

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states that a considerable number of these young people grow up in extremely unstable environments, where the lack of access to education, recreational and cultural activities, and fair working opportunities are part of their everyday reality. In addition, interfamilial violence, social disintegration, post-conflict institutional violence and social and political marginalization contribute to the formation of this unstable climate.

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According to Interpeace and the Initiative for Peacebuilding- Early Warning Analysis to Action in order to prevent violence, it is important to guarantee the right of adolescents and youth to education free of violence and adequate to the need of youth entering the workforce of a modern, global economy. Moreover, accessible and universal education is critical to both violence prevention and preparing youth for its broader role in society.

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Mandating this type of standard along with continued free distribution of gun locks and education to prior gun owners may help to decrease the incidence of accidental or "heat of passion" type killings. The most aggressive approach to eradicating violence has to surround the eradication of racism and social inequity.