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The debate isn't security versus privacy. It's liberty versus control.

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A country is owned by its citizens. The government is there to organize the country. We tell (via elections) the government what to do with the country. We therefor should also tell the government what to do in order to protect us, not the other way around.

Do you really want to delete this prezi?

The only one who is responsible for your security is YOU. It's time people start acting like it. It's often said that security and privacy are two opposites. If you plan and organize it well, security and privacy can very well go hand-in-hand. But that's a too long story for this comment field.

You were supposed to mock the boundary conditions which a statement like "privacy and security are a zero sum game" yields...
"I'm naked in public but at least I'm super secure!" oh wait...then you get to go to jail and be secure (except for the anal I suppose)...never mind, he was right!

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Airport security is NOT a waste of time. Sniffing for explosives is extremely important. Even a small explosive detonated along the fuselage in certain places will cripple the control system. What good are stronger cockpit doors then, or Sky Marshalls??? That plane is going down.

Some problem do not have a technological solution, I'm afraid.

It's a question of view point, in the short term it is genrally not a zero sum game, in the long term however it appears to be (due to changes in other factors).

I dunno, Eugene Stoner came up with some pretty cool technology ...

I was watching the first series of the West Wing (S01E09) at the weekend, and, when considering Supreme Court nominees they say "Privacy will be the great battle of the next decades". That was 1999. They were right. And they knew it before September 11th.

That is a great article. Thanks Bruce.

For instance the state with more CCTV than any other country is the U.K. (it is also as rapidly as possible trying to implement other more "Orwellian" technology).

So lets start with creating a password policy;

One estimate indicates that the against the population the U.K. has twenty times as many cams per head as the next state... Does this make people in the U.K. any more secure? No we are seeing significant increases in crimes involving guns and knives on the streets..

This paragraph nails it head on, great work!

Is the U.K. National Identity system going to give more "security" not a chance (it will however serverly effect Tax avoidance by those at the bottom of the heap).

Terence Beggs / December 7, 2017

Then look back at East Germany and Albania they were supposedly the most opressive societies due to "State Security" services monitoring. What happened, they colapsed economicaly as they could no longer afford the costs of their policies. The result that they now have comparitivly low levels of monitoring.