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Don’t show favoritism.Do not compare your children to one another either favorably or unfavorably.

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It is usually the mother who remains living with the children, often as a lone parent. Many people feel very alone at times like this. Before you can give support to your children, you need to feel supported yourself. If you are fortunate, you have understanding and supportive family and friends who rally round. Some people also turn to their own cultural and religious communities. This can be a valuable source of support.

Relationship of order and number of siblings to perceived parental attitudes inchildhood.

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Many studies show that different birth orders carry their own characteristic response patterns because of the different experiences siblings in different birth orders have in their families.

First and onlychildren compare themselves to their parents, whereas laterbornscompare themselves to older siblings.

The more closely facets of an adult interpersonal relationship mirrors sibling, or parent and child relationship dynamics, thegreater the chance that the individual will apply the coping skills learntin the childhood scenario (Buckley, 1998).

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In terms of sibling rivalry, rules can set a tone and communicate your expectations about how you want your children to relate to each other. You can refer back to the “family rule” when children fight or do not treat each other with respect. Include them in discussions about what rules should exist in your family in terms of how people should treat each other.

The different forms of sibling rivalry

Even for very young children, it is important to be clear that your new partner doesn’t automatically become a new mum or dad. Such a close relationship can only grow in time – and then only if a step-parent and step-child really do have a feeling for one another. It is better in the meantime to accept that a certain distance is inevitable and more respectful for all concerned.
Your ex-partner also does not want to feel that someone else has taken their place as dad or mum. If you take things slowly, it may be possible to sort out an arrangement with which everyone feels comfortable.

Sibling rivalry often lingers through adulthood

Parents can sometimes lose their sense of proportion about discipline and behaviour when they are anxious about the possible effects of the separation on the children. They may see good behaviour chiefly as a reassurance that the children have not suffered, or they may become more intolerant of bad behaviour because of the worry and guilt it stirs up.

Sibling rivalry is as old as the two sons of Adam , Habeel and Qabeel

You may feel anxious about what your children are allowed to do when they are with your ex-partner or you may discover that your own new partner looks at the matter of discipline in a different way. Try not to take this situation out on the children. Parents need to understand that they have a responsibility to sort it out.

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One of the questions that parents have about managing sibling rivalry is: “When should I intervene and when is it better to let the kids work out the disagreement themselves?”