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The application of the criminal justice system is a band-aid or short-term solution at best.

Scots law is the legal system of Scotland

However, of this much we are satisfied: we believe that it includes the right to establish and maintain their own forms of justice systems in their own territories.

It is important that Aboriginal women be given positions of responsibility in the justice system.

The Justice System and Aboriginal People

For Metis communities, we believe that a process of Metis-provincial negotiations will have to take place to identify the area over which an Aboriginal justice system operational within a Metis community will have jurisdiction.

The injustices done to the Aboriginal people by the judicial system is only the tip of the iceberg.

Just as the English common law forms the backbone of the Canadian legal system, and is supplemented, modified or even overturned by express constitutionally valid legislation, the customary law of the particular Aboriginal nation or group could function in the same way.

This concept played a significant role in the American moral and legal justification of its revolution against England several years earlier.

Notable Trials and Court Cases - 1637 to 1832

Aboriginal people feel a strong sense of injustice about the manner in which they have been treated by governments and the justice system over the years.

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We believe that analysing their experience will provide some useful information when determining how to go about the establishment of Aboriginal justice systems in Manitoba.

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Drawing upon the positive results of the American tribal court system, which we will discuss shortly, as well as on the failure of the courts established by the Department of Indian Affairs and the failure of the established administration of justice to provide justice adequately to or for Aboriginal people, we conclude that the most appropriate course to follow is not simply to establish a system of Aboriginal courts in Manitoba, but to establish fully functional Aboriginal justice systems, complete with appropriate and related police and justice programs, support services and legal systems.

A Brief Overview of the Saudi Arabian Legal System

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, who wrote the leading decisions of the time, crafted a legal decision that gave status to European nations to claim overriding rights through "discovery." The "discovering" European state obtained a monopoly on trading relations and the exclusive right to acquire title to the soil so as to locate settlements thereon.

Abdullah Ansary received his B.A

Some of these participate in regional justice systems, such as the Northwest Intertribal Court System of Washington (serving 13 tribes in 1985) and the Western Oklahoma Court of Indian Offenses (serving 18 tribes in 1985), while others enter into a contract with a larger neighbouring tribe to provide a judge that will enforce their own laws (e.g., the Havasupai Tribe uses the chief judge from Fort Apache on a part-time, case-by-case basis.)

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We believe that we should seek solutions that are acceptable to the people most affected, and stand the best chance of resolving those problems which Aboriginal people face within the justice system.