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Throughout the medical field it can be noted that sleep disorders are often causes of things such as sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can include psychiatric disorders such as depression and chronic insomnia (Lustberg and Reynolds III). There is the physiological reasoning behind sleep disorders which is that often times any abnormal behaviors in the person’s waking life can affect their ability to sleep (Lustberg and Reynolds III). This ability to sleep is noted by a shortened REM sleep latency cycle and it is present during a series of clinical depressive periods in a person’s life (Lustberg and Reynolds III). The lack of sleep can also perhaps be a indicator or a factor to leading on a depressive illness as well (Lustberg and Reynolds III). Very many times insomnia is something that will go away if the individual’s depression is treated, but there are ways in which the lack of sleep that is brought on can possibly continue on (Lustberg and Reynolds III). Many changes in sleep patterns can be directly caused to the ways in which the patient is able to deal with any preexisting or up and coming psychological disorders which will affect their recovery abilities (Lustberg and Reynolds III). With direct regard to this it is noted that many times an EEG will demonstrate just how there are lapses in the sleep patterns of the individual and that they are able to correlate the regulation of sleep with a general regulation of mood (Lustberg and Reynolds III).It is to note that sleep disorders are not uncommon but there is a direct estimation that nearly 50-70 million Americans are suffering from some kind of chronic sleep disorder (Institute of Medicine). Many sleep disorders include things such as that of sleep apnea which is marked by snoring and perhaps a regular sense of limb movement disorder which is that during sleep hours an individual will be disturbed multiple times making it difficult for them to sleep fully or comfortably (VIC). Many sleep disorders are the cause of sleep deprivation and it is through a number of different external factors that these sleep disorders can be exemplified. This is to note that many times if someone has a poor sleep hygiene then they will not be able to sleep as well as others that are more conscious of their well being and their actions. This speaks to the ways in which people’s daytime habits are affecting their sleep. Many individuals are often partaking in activities near bedtime that are stopping them from being able to sleep. Some of these common problems are drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes near bed time (VIC). Other problems often include things such as stress, in that they are constantly worrying and they are unable to lay in bed and relax, but their minds are constantly somewhere else. This is a pressing concern for people and it is that their sleep is less likely to occur in a natural and beneficial way because they are not allowing themselves to have the rest they need, which would help with their stress as well. The overall sleep environment of a room is also important, and this ranges from the temperature of the room to the sleep partner that someone has, in that perhaps they make too much noise and it is not the precise kind of environment that is necessary for proper sleep and care (VIC). Sleep deprivation is also commonly seen in new parents, in that their child is on a different schedule and they will frequently be awake and need some kind of contact, care, or feeding therefore the parent is required to be up for their child and this alters their natural circadian rhythm of sleeping (VIC). All of the aforementioned causes are all precursors to the actual effects of sleep deprivation. Thus, it can be said that with these factors bring on sleep disorders and sleep deficiency, which take on their own particular negative side effects both physically and mentally.

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Sleep deprivation, meaning a lack of sleep to a notable extent, is characterized by a few medical terms. Sleep deprivation is thought of as a general way to state that an individual is not getting the adequate amount of sleep, and this can be either by choice or they are physically incapable of sleeping enough due to a sleep disorder (VIC). However, to speak about what sleep deprivation is it is foremost important to indicate the kinds of things that are the causes behind this issue. Sleep disorders are thought to be caused by a series of different issues, and the person that is suffering from this lack of sleep would need to be evaluated and spoken about in their own respective terms. This is to note that many times there is a personal choice to not sleep, and that is entirely in the hands of the patient. Many times if an individual is busy doing something such as catching up on school work, listening to music, or hanging out with their friends they are willing to oversee sleeping on a regular schedule (VIC). This personal choice is that many people are overestimating how much their body can handle in terms of not sleeping. This notes that the opportunity cost for them is leaning in the direction of whatever it is that they are staying up doing is more significant to them than to sleep at a reasonable hour and get the amount of rest they need. The personal choice of not sleeping is one that can be altered perhaps with age or a general lifestyle change. Therefore, an individual that is prioritizing partying and being out late at clubs or bars will at some point make a lifestyle change because they get burned out and will then alter their sleep schedule. Unless this individual does this their personal choice is one that directly guides them into sleep deprivation, and holds them back from sleeping the medically suggested amount of hours per night. Not all causes of sleep deprivation are personal choices, but it can be something masked a personal choice that rather is quite necessary. This is to note that people who work particular shifts are not able to get the required amount of sleep. Many jobs such as those that require frequent travel, like a flight attendant, have to be up at particular hours that does not allow them to live their life on the standard schedule that the average person is surviving on (VIC). There can be some individuals that feel as though work can be changed or that a new career path can be fulfilled in order to alter one’s sleep patterns. However, this not a reality for a multitude of individuals and it can be clear that people are able to work within their means, and many work schedules require people to be on call at odd hours throughout both the day and night. Not all issues that are put forth are with direct regard to completing some kind of project or working towards completing a task, but there is also the idea of medical issues being the cause.

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