ADVERTISEMENTS: The five theories of social change are as follows: 1

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Theories and Ideologies in Anthropology : Social Analysis

The basic thesis of strain theory is this: Crime stems from the lack of articulation or “fit” between two of the most basic components of society: and

Below are some of the key terms employed in social conflict theories

> Motivation, Ideology, and the Social Process in Radicalization

Students are assigned to social service agencies that provide generalist practice opportunities under the supervision of a qualified field instructor. This provides students with the opportunity to apply and test social work knowledge, values, and skills within an approved practice setting in order to gain competency as beginning social workers. This course is taken for two semesters (fall-spring), with credit being given only after completion of the second semester. Enrollment in this course must be concurrent with enrollment in and . FLD.

This course offers non-social work majors the opportunity to explore conceptual, theoretical, and empirical knowledge related to differences based upon race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. The course explores the interplay of social and cultural identities, societal power relations, and other societal forces as they impact human functioning. Assignments and lectures in this course are geared toward helping students develop an informed world view of human diversity and its impact on our own lives and the lives of others. LEC.

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This course will provide the conceptual, theoretical and empirical knowledge base related to difference, oppression, social justice and empowerment. This knowledge is necessary for culturally competent social work practice in a multicultural society. Junior social work classification required. LEC.

Communication Theories – Communication Studies

This course explores the theories and methods related to practice with children whose behavior is disruptive, oppositional, aggressive, or otherwise antisocial. Emphasis is placed on using protective and risk factors to design appropriate interventions. Open only to BSW seniors. LEC.

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An examination of the basic concepts and principles of scientific inquiry as applied to the social work profession's quest for and utilization of knowledge. Positivistic and naturalistic methods of inquiry are covered. Other content includes conceptualization, operationalization, sample design, ethics, and culturally sensitive research practice. Junior social work classification required. LEC.

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This course provides students with a beginning understanding of intimate partner violence including definitions, prevalence, theoretical frameworks, dynamics, and consequences for the individual, the family, the community and society. Students will develop skills required to assess, intervene, and prevent domestic violence cases. Open only to BSW seniors. LEC.

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This course will offer BSW students a very basic understanding of concepts associated with social work practice with people who confront challenges with alcohol and other drugs. Students will learn about substance abuse problems currently prevalent, recognize behavior related to substance abuse disorders and applicability of generalist social work practice models in developing interventions. Open only to BSW seniors LEC.