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This changed only a little bit after the Holocaust and WWII in history academic circles.

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On the other hand, when rule is fractional: when supervisors disagree,they are much less likely to carry out the order. People need a clearchannel of responsibility in order to transfer the responsibility to another. The readiness to act against one's own judgment is the result of exposureto a single-minded, monopolistic authority.

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Because the initial historians and academicians studying the Holocaust were searching for a charismatic and almost Machiavellian (or conspiracy theory) version of what happened.

And yet, the statistics show that students at university were way, way more likely to vote for the Nazi If we accept the intentionalist interpretation of the Holocaust, then we have to answer why Hitler designed the Final Solution so early and why so many people, who were necessary for completing the Holocaust agenda, agree and went along with it.

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Hitler offered the extremely nationalist majority of Germany a “third way” that The creation of democracy was just as extraordinary as the creation of the Holocaust.

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The 'Save what you can' game did not help the victims. It providedorderly subjects to the Nazis. BUt, it was not the strategy thatthe Jews chose. It was thrust upon them by the perpetrators of theholocaust.

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At all stages of the Holocaust, the victims were confronted with a choicebetween greater or lesser evil. TO make the victims controllable,the nazis had to make them predictable. They did this by controllingthe situation so that Jews would follow the choices the Nazis wanted themto. TO do this, they had to make them think there was something tosave.

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One of the primary factors that helped facilitate the Holocaust wasa distancing of people from the Jews. When this happened, it waseasier for the bur.

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ZB has thus far identified the mechanisms that lead to the Holocaust. He has in every part discusses moral action. He now needs to identifyexactly what moral action is, and attempt to identify where morality comesfrom. This is largely ignored territory for sociologist, who aremuch more at home discussing non moral mechanisms for generating moralbehavior (such as socialization) than about identifying intrinsically moralbehavior.
Sociology explains morality by reference to non moral social arrangements(socialization, norms, etc.). The standard model is: 1) A moral rule fills a need
2) Social science then discovers what this needis
3) Social science then identifies a mechanism throughwhich a moral inhibition is maintained.

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Under 'normal' genocidal conditions, the population is divided betweenmurders and the murdered. IN the Holocaust, Jews were incorporatedinto the overall class structure. This maintained the internal structureof the Jewish community, and thus made it easier for the Germans to work'with' the Jews. "The situation of the Jews during the preliminarystages of the Final Solution was more akin to that experienced by a subordinategroup n a normal power structure than by the victims of an ordinary genocidaloperation." (p.122)

"The jews could therefore play into the hands of the theiroppressors, facilitate their task, bring closer their own perdition, whileguided in their action by the rationally interpreted purpose of survival."(p.122)
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