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I came here today to talk about something special that happened. Today is the first day of the october month 01/10 and i decided i have shaved myself completely, the entire body!

Simple machines are things we use every day; a simple machine is something without a motor that helps to pull, lift, move, or change the direction of another object.

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She has the Lumea Prestige (SC2007/70), and I’ve also read amazing things about the Remington iLight but here in Europe we have three models the IPL 6250, IPL 62500 and IPL 6750, if its not too much trouble could you recommend me the one with the ‘best’ results for the hair removal to be permanent, I know would be better if they would be laser but for the moment this is the only way I can achieve it, my goal is to use it mainly in my arms, legs, face and underarms, or maybe other brand or models you can recommend

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How does the Tria go on Indian hair? [ Facial hair] ?
I have always had Ellipse treatments done from Salon and now looking for something I could bring it home for DIY.

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Your site was so helpful for me
I’m searching a good machin for myself that can remove my thick black hair on my whole of body and also in genitor area and specific place on my face,above eyebrow wich one is the most safe and effiecient in your point of view?
The first thing is safety becouse of genitor area that I want to use
How is the efficiency sight of that?
Thank you for answering us.

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Hello, Thank you for sharing this, I’m from Iran with white skin not much as Europe people but it’s white I think =]
And with very very very dark and thick hair on bikini area . Before I used to wax. And after that because of various reasons I started using Gillette razors, and now my hairs are really thick! So when I use wax strips there is always blood where the hair follicles were. I tried to read all the comments and your answered for learning more. Can I ask which one is better for me spend lots of money for laser or buy IPL machine?! And if IPL which one great for me?! And IPL stop growing hair for always?! Can I use that for my bikini area?! Sorry about my English. Thank you very much

is this something a lot of industrial machines need

Hi Katherine
Yes you have to stop waxing once and for all. Even on the face, I know it seems weird to have to shave your face but that is the only way. You can’t remove hair any other way before laser/ipl otherwise your sessions will be a waste of time (this includes bleaching, tweezing or threading). This is because the laser needs to penetrate the hair and the heat needs to travel all the way down the hair follicle. Waxing (tweezing etc), pulls the hairs out so the laser will have nothing to penetrate. You need to shave in-between sessions and before each session, the day before or the day of is fine. Just so hair is at the surface of the skin. If you have any other questions or are unsure about anything, let me know. Gabby

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Hi Wayne
Thanks for leaving a comment. Just for your information, A LOT of men use these home hair removal machines just fine and they absolutely love it, and asking if it is a waste of money it’s not because what will be a waste of money is continuing professional sessions as they cost a fortune. I also have a lot of men contacting me that have bought them for their chest and back and are very happy with the results. Let me get this straight, being able to see dramatic results in just 3 sessions like women can get, men will not get the same results in just 3 sessions. You will have to be more patient and just depends on each individual case on how thick your hair is and how many hairs grow out of each follicle. It will work, especially if you have had a few professional sessions, you will love the machine. You will need to go for the new Tanda machine considering you have grey hairs and also if you have dark skin (this is the newest Tanda which is the upgraded one to the one mentioned above which is way more powerful for you.) Any other questions, do let me know, Gabby.