Putin Salutes Russian Jews Over Soviet ‘Liberation’ From Nazis

petroleum products to the front lines was essential to the ultimate victory over the Nazis.

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Fadeev conducts a literary evening amid exploding shells.
by Konstantin Fedin. A war-time appeal to Americans, comparing the two great rivers.
by Ilya Ehrenburg. Written in the first weeks of the war, this short piece summarizes the Nazis' evil intentions and characterizes the Soviet resolve to fight on mercilessly until Victory Day!
by Vasili Grossman.

Nov 11, 2015 · 70 years after the victory over the Nazis, ..

U.S.-Soviet Alliance, 1941–1945

(Report on Siberian troops in Stalingrad.)
by Pyotr Pavlenko. (A dying marine gets recorded on film.)

Attacked for being untruthful and distorting Soviet reality, veteran Soviet author Ilya Ehrenburg lashed back at his critics at the 2nd Congress of Soviet Writers, which was held 15 - 26 December 1954.

"It is useful for Putin to equate the takeover of Crimea and the victory" over Nazis, ..

The Moscow radio said Marshal Nikolai N. Voronof and Co. Gen. Konstantin Rokossovsky, the Red Army leaders, sent a message to Premier Joseph Stalin at 6:30 P. M., saying: "Carrying out your order, troops on the Don front at 4 P.M., Feb. 2, finished the rout and annihilation of encircled enemy troops at Stalingrad."

when the city celebrates the 70th anniversary of a landmark victory there over the Nazis in ..

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Soviet critics praised him as a genius, and denounced him for producing "literary vomit". But when his nation needed him the most, following the Nazi attack of June 1941, Ehrenburg was there, released as a ferocious literary weapon of war, with the full support of Stalin.

The Soviet Union was dissolved 22 years ago, on December 26, 1991

The reason: Solzhenitsyn is either insane or a dangerous anti-Soviet; either way, says Sholokhov, "the man cannot be trusted with a pen." Further, Sholokhov calls Solzhenitsyn's writing "feeble and foolish" and lumps him in with the Vlasovites, those Soviets who betrayed their motherland and joined the Nazis to fight against the USSR during the Great Patriotic War.

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The entire Northern Front was by this stage in danger of total collapse for the Soviets. On 2nd June German forces crossed the border in Estonia and drove directly for the capital city Tallinn. Due to the initially dire situation on the strategically more important Central Front no reserves could be brought up by the Red Army to shore up the situation. Due to its close proximity to Leningrad resistance was much fiercer in and around the Estonian capital than the Germans had encountered thus far. The troops defending the city were better equipped, better trained and supplied with more extensive artillery than their counterparts in Lithuania and Latvia. As a result the Nazi advance was slowed markedly for a period of almost a month as their troops battled towards the gates of Tallinn.

How Azerbaijan helped to defeat Hitler

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a strangestatement on May 8 tomark VE Day. He saluted the contributions of the people of Canada andNewfoundland to the war effort, outlined the losses suffered as aresult of theirsacrifices and then recalled that in two years we are celebrating the150thanniversary of Confederation. He made a vague reference to "Allies,"butgreetedno-one and did not recognize the sacrifice and losses of other peoples,especially not those of the former Soviet Union without whosecontribution thevictory over fascism would not have been secured. While he recognizedthelosses of Canadians and Newfoundlanders, he remained utterly silentabout thecontributions of the First Nations, and of all those Canadians who camehereafter the war, having fought the Nazi-fascists in their countries oforigin. The statement totally denied the tremendous sacrifice madeby theworld's people who came together as one massive Anti-Fascist UnitedFront. Heexpressed no remorse for how Canada provided refuge to Nazis whodisguisedthemselves as Displaced Persons to gain access to Canada, thus enablingthemto get away unscathed with the crimes they committed during the war. Hedidnot see fit to hold anybody to account for the Hitlerite crimes.

Putin Takes Credit for Defeating Fascism

Vasili Tyorkin fought Nazis hand-to-hand, was wounded several times, slogged through marshes, swam a freezing river to rescue his comrades, shot down a plane with his rifle, settled arguments, made with the wisecracks and could play a mean

by Vasili Grossman. Short story about a loner tank-driver who slowly comes to bond with his fellow tank-crew member and learn the strength and value of comradeship and love.
by Konstantin Simonov. Report on the changes in the psychology of Soviet troops after the first six months of war.