Red light cameras were first developed in the Netherlands by Gatso

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A notice of violation called a NOTICE OF LIABILITY is sent to the registered owner which states the date, time and location of the violation, the camera ID number, the fine amount, and information on paying or requesting a hearing. Included on the notice are three pictures. One is a close up of the rear of the vehicle and the license plate. The second shows the vehicle at the stop line and the traffic signal is in the red phase. The third picture shows the vehicle going through the intersection. Along the top of two of the pictures are headings: DATE TIME AMBER SPEED PHASE RTIME LANE FRAME.

The  has details of how we decide on the most effective types and locations of speed cameras.

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Red Light Traffic Safety Cameras have been in effect for more than 20 years in the State of New York. New York City was the first city to be given the right to issue traffic tickets for going through a red light by using camera technology. The legislation for using Red Light Cameras (RLC) is different in New York than it is in other states. In New York, the RLC ticket is handled much like a parking ticket. It is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, there are no points against the owner’s license and it is returnable to a Parking Violations Bureau or other Bureau which handles parking violations for the municipality or county.

Most of the passive products capitalize on the fact that the roadside-mounted camera operates at an angle from the target vehicle's path, called the . Photo radar commonly is aimed at an angle of 20 to 22 degrees across the road. Regardless of the type of photo enforcement, to make the offense prosecutable the enforcers must identify the license plate. In some states a photo of the driver is also required. No plate means no vehicle ID and no ticket.

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You must move your vehicle out of the way for emergency vehicles as per NYS law. If you do and there is a red light camera at the intersection, you will NOT receive a violation if you had to move through the red light to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle. You will NOT receive a violation if a Police Officer or flagman waves you through an intersection with a red light camera. If you receive a red light camera violation in the mail after receiving a Moving Violation from a Police Officer for the same red light at the same time, the red light camera ticket will be dismissed once you send in a copy of the moving violation.

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Red light cameras monitor more than red lights: many also watch for a right turn on red where the vehicle fails to halt. Same for left turns on red, and they're frequently used to generate speeding tickets as well.

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The Cobra permits the user to add a location to its database and will subsequently issue a generic User Location alert at these coordinates. But it's up to the user to remember the location's significance: there's no way to denote whether it was a red light or speed camera, or whether maybe it was the nearest store with Pop Tarts on special last week.

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Audible alerts are by tones or voice. As a red light camera is approached, an alert sounds: "Caution, red light camera ahead". The message changes to "Speed camera ahead" if the red light camera also clocks speeds. We found these added details helpful.