What's the average speed of a commercial ..

24.07.2008 · What is the average speed of a commercial plane

"Three Types of Commercial Aircraft Used by the Major ..

One of those designs is by , a European-designed aeroplane capable of cruising speeds up to eight times faster than sound (8,500 km/h or 5,280 mph) taking passengers from Brussels to Sydney in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

that could fly at Mach 1.4—nearly twice the speed of most commercial airliners.

Three Types of Commercial Aircraft Used by the ..

The Lapcat-II team is not alone in this field. They are sharing concepts and ideas with researchers across the Pacific Ocean. In Asia, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) is also working on a hypersonic airliner called Hytex intended to cross the Pacific Ocean in two hours at speeds of Mach 5.

Concorde was the best-known member of an exclusive club of two; the only other civilian airliner able to break the speed of sound was the Soviet Union’s Tupolev Tu-144, which flew until 1999. A was used in experiments by Nasa, and American and Russian aerospace industries, in a joint research program after the end of the Cold War.