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Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was adorned like one of these!

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"Hi Kelly, Olivia here! Melissa and Monty adopted me on July 6, but now I call them 'MommaDaddy'- at least that's what they hear when I bark at them. MommaDaddy promised me they were really boring, but took me on a fun whirlwind summer vacation: We went to Natchitoches, Arlington, The Woodlands, The Camp in Westlake AND Galveston! They called me 'Gypsy Rose Liv' because I entertained everyone everywhere we went. I finally told them, 'I don't wanna be a gypsy no mo,' so they took me home to Arlington to play with my grumpy old 'bother' Sebastian. I love him, but he IS 14 years old.

I liked The Camp the most because I could run around on an acre of land, ride on the boat with the wind in my ears, and chase all sorts of fun critters and bugs. I was fearless, with the exception of one thing: flying dragons. One that was almost as big as me buzzed my head and scared me so much that I learned how to climb stairs to get away from it. I also found what they called a four inch 'grasshopper,' but as I caught it in mid-jump, I pronounced it delicious!

When I was little, one of my favorite places to snuggle was between MommaDaddy's heads at night. I still try to stretch out between them, but my head and rear end cover their heads. I am quite social, although I am reserved when I first meet new people and dogs. I quickly warm up and give lots of kisses. I love playing with dogs that are ten times my size letting them know who I am the boss.

MommaDaddy have no sense of style, so I am constantly reorganizing the house. They always put my blankets and toys in the wrong place, so I oblige them and move everything; I guess that's why they call me their 'interior re-decorator.' By the way, if it's one the ground, it's mine. I love eating clothes, pillows, blankets, newspapers, magazines, socks, and, especially, shoes! After I ate their sixth pair of shoes, they chastised me with, 'No, No, Olivia,' but I wasn't sure what that meant. Then they shrugged saying, 'I am a puppy!'

Because I am big now, I finally fit in the red rhinestone rock star 'Livy' collar MommaDaddy bought when they were waiting for me. They say I have a big personality, just like my namesake Olivia from Momma's favorite children's book. When I do something they think is right, they always pick me up, give me a treat and say, 'We love you.' When I do something THEY think is wrong, they always pick me up, kiss me and said, 'We love you anyway.' And ANYTIME they pick me up, I tell them, 'I love you anyway, too.'"
- Melissa & Monty, December 2010

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Regular updates, training her puppy, and being well-informed make Jullian (age 12) our December Owner of the Month. Jullian has not only taught her puppy, Klee manners,
agility, and yes, some tricks, she has also realized the importance of Klee's socialization skills and kept me, his mom, informed of his growth, progress, and his antics since he left Splendor Farms last summer....Hugs & and a kiss to both of you!

In July '12, Kelly was in NYC, where she had lunch with fashion/style extraordinaires
Zac Posen (right) and Christopher Niquet (left), and their English Cream dachshund,
"Candy Darling" (see her head peeking out?) Splendor Farms is proud to announce
that we recently named one of our dachshunds after Zac Posen!!

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Okay, I know. I was going to keep this little beauty, but the problem is she is too small. I decided the day before Gary, a landscaping designer and maintenance company owner & Beth, a piano teacher of Somers Point, New Jersey drove down to Splendor Farms, yes, drove, to look at our pups and older females, I would sell her. Arriving before I got home, they respected my kennel not to just go in, but waited by the fence watching Biloxi's pups play in the straw. When I arrived, I led them in and pointed her out and said " I have decided to sell her as she is too small for my males and if you are wanting a female she is available." Well, never had I seen someone cry at those words, but Beth did, and then her husband, Gary, told me, that is the one she has been watching and wanting, but didn't know if it was a boy or girl! So, a happy ending for everyone! And, since they drove all the way from "way up east..." that makes them our "Puppy Owners of the Month for March." Driving down here for two days, to get a puppy.... It's just madness, isn't it? March Madness!

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"Hi Kelly, Just wanted to check in and let you know that Sissy has made herself at home and is loving her BIG sister Charley! They have become best friends and sometimes I think joined at the hip, It is so cute to watch them play and snuggle with each other. On Sissy's last visit to the vet she weighed 7.9 lbs. and is doing great. We are having so much fun watching them play, grow and bond. I have included some recent photos of the girls so you can see their growth! I look at the website often and follow you on facebook to keep up with the latest goings on at Splendor Farms and all those cute puppies! Take Care and I will keep you posted on our girls! Thanks,"
-- David, Warren, Charley & Sissy, January 27, 2012

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David & Warren came back to pick up & 's shaded cream female (left) to be Charley's new younger sister!! And "Sister" is her name!!! Thanks, guys for coming back to Splendor Farms for another pup to add to your family!!!