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Grades 4th-6th
It’s an essential feeling to know that you are needed or of importance. Normally we gain this understanding by the jobs we do and the positions we hold in society or our home life. It is also a very important feeling for children. This not only helps children to make the right decision when they have choices presented to them, but this ensures they will make the right choice. Think of how important we felt once we became parents, all our choices changed in the blink of an eye, because someone else needed us. This rings true for this age group as well. Give your child a responsibility that makes them feel they are making a difference, not simply taking out the trash, but something that makes them feel they are contributing something important. For example, taking care of the family pet, making sure the wild birds have food, etc.

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Our home shouldn’t be a re-creation of an evil, sinful world, it should be a safe haven from it. Also, I feel that in practicing justice and fairness in our home, we teach our children that even though life isn’t just or fair, WE should be. Being unfair in your home doesn’t teach your children that life’s not fair, but that you are not fair. Just something to think about.

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We need to teach our kids that life is not fair. Sometimes the cookies don’t get divided up evenly. We need to take a deep breath, and let it go.

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