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and invisible differences (e.g., learning abilities, skills and talents, personal or cultural values and beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation...) make each person unique, and identify ways of showing respect for differences in others

Teacher prompt: “Sometimes we are different in ways you can see.

The Case Against Block Scheduling: An Educational Fad that Hurts Academic Performance.

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All candidates are expected to play a musical instrument and/ or have a desire to understand the rudiments and harmonic building blocks of music.
I have many years experience teaching music theory, composition and performance skills at established music schools in Scotland.

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Differentcolor poker chips alone, as Fuson notes (p. 384) will not generate understandingabout quantities or about place-value. Children can be confused about therepresentational aspects of poker chip colors if they are not introducedto them correctly. And if not wisely guided into using them effectively,children can learn "face-value (superficial grouping)" facility with pokerchips that are not dissimilar to the face value, superficial ability toread and write numbers numerically. The point, however, is not to let themjust use poker chips to represent "face-values" alone, but to guide theminto using them for both (face-value) representation and as grouped physicalquantities. What I wrote here about the use of poker chips to teach place-valueinvolves introducing them in a particular (but flexible) way at a particulartime, for a particular reason. I give examples of the way they need tobe used to teach place-value in the text. The time they need to be introducedthis way is after children understand about grouping quantities and countingquantities "by groups". And I explain in this article precisely why differentcolor poker chips, when used correctly, can better teach children aboutplace-value than can base-ten blocks alone. Poker chips, used and demonstratedcorrectly, can serve as an effective practical and conceptual bridge betweenphysical groups and columnar representation, because they are both physicaland representational in ways that make sense to children --with minimaldemonstration and with monitored, guided, practice. And since poker chipsstack fairly conveniently, they can be used at earlier stages for childrento count individually and by groups, and to manipulate by groups. (Columnsof poker chips can also be used effectively to teach understanding aboutmany of the more difficult conceptual and representational aspects of fractions,which is another matter about teaching that I only mention here to pointout the usefulness of having a large supply of poker chips in classroomsfor a number of different mathematics educational purposes.) ()

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