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Students, teachers, and administrators all have their own opinion on locker searches. Students say it’s not fair. Teachers say it can be useful. Administrators say it costs money. I say locker searches positively impact schools by removing potential dangers to the school environment such as weapons and drugs.

07/11/2008 · Do Schools Have the Right to Search Students’ Lockers

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“A school locker is not the personal property of the student,” he says. “The locker belongs to the school and the school is letting the student use the space to secure his or her belongings. If the school begins charging students a rental fee for the locker, then that would give students more rights. However, even then, the student does not own the locker and must abide with the owners stipulations to rent the space. Thus, a school has every right to search lockers in order to enforce the established rules, and ensure rules are being followed as owners of the property.”

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When students fail at their practice there are consequences, she points out. These consequences are modeled after the potential consequences in the workforce or in society. There is never a time in life when a random search occurs unless they have agreed to allow a search to be done. Random locker searches do not model any lesson to be learned about functioning in American society and should not be imposed at American schools.

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