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That there were more births, not fewer, was not her goal. In order to achieve her goal, she promoted abortion and specifically focused those efforts on black neighborhoods. So, what do we see today? The largest percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics are in predominantly black neighborhoods. Access to "birth control" obviously in many cases, even though that's what that access is said to do. Access to birth control increases casual sexual relations and therefore, when it eventually fails, it increases the overall pregnancy rates. " than adults because teens are more fertile than older couples, and they are less likely to use the methods consistently and correctly."

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When the subject of entitlement reform is raised in order to balance the budget, the President and the Congressional leaders will be looking at making changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. These entitlement programs that Americans have come to expect comprise more than 50% of the federal budget. Americans have paid taxes for both Medicare and Social Security. The public expects to receive Medicare benefits. They expect to receive Social Security payments when they are eligible. None of our elected representatives wants to be the first one who raises the idea of cutting these programs (and be blamed for cuts to needed programs). With health care reform, tens of millions of people will be added to the federal government health care program. Cuts or changes will be made to help accommodate the influx of patients, and it will especially impact the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

When the President, the Congress and state and local government officials choose year after year to act on medical killings, they choose to allow involuntary medical killings. Not one Senator, Congressional Representative or one of the Presidents has spoken out about these medical killings and made a serious effort to stop them!

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We need people who value the sanctity of life to enter government and represent the people with integrity and show that caring for the vulnerable is the solution. All the original American colonies had government representatives that were dedicated to the respect for life and freedom from oppression and coercion. We need not only be wary of open coercive eugenics and euthanasia as was practiced in Nazi Germany. We need also to be alert to the poisonous practice of outwardly "voluntary" eugenics and euthanasia ... where the parents choose to abort their baby or, an elderly or disabled person asks to be euthanized. What is voluntary for the parent is absolutely involuntary for the defenseless baby, and the elderly and disabled patient are among the most likely to be manipulated into assisted-suicide or euthanasia. That manipulation can come from a big private health insurer or government-run Medicare or Medicaid program, limiting the options and help available to those in need.

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Many ask, what can I do to help? How can we fix this problem? The solution is right before us. Shining a light where formerly there was darkness is the simple answer. The darkness does not exist unto itself. The lack of knowledge about the realities in health care and especially, end-of-life care, is removed by seeing and understanding the truth. Once we have the facts, we can no longer be fooled, even if those with an agenda try. Empowered with the truth, Americans and those around the world can re-affirm their commitment to the sanctity of life and demand that the governments, elected officials and bureaucrats remove this evil from the Earth. Devaluing life is the beginning of a tragic road that has lead to this Invisible Holocaust, now revealed to you.

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If students don't know who Adolf Hitler was, what do they know about the Nazis? They certainly don't know much about the atrocities committed by the Nazis or the Communists under Stalin in the former U.S.S.R. Many students in the U.S. think our country is the enemy, that we are "the bad guys." They often think that our brave young soldiers are the "enemy," rather than realizing that it is our soldiers who have given their lives for centuries so that we all enjoy the freedoms so unique to our American experiment in representative democracy. They believe that free enterprise is an evil, rather than a vehicle for the free "pursuit of happiness" within a free society. Many believe that an expanded government role is the answer to most of society's problems, rather than a threat to the freedoms all oppressed peoples seek, and which we have enjoyed for so long.

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When these covert socialists mean "progress," they mean leaving behind the Judeo-Christian values of traditional America and embracing the big government models used in Europe and elsewhere. Respect for the individual and his or her rights is one thing that is central to our Judeo-Christian values in traditional America. Many of the socialist governments in Europe simply place the government's power and interests higher than the individual. While one can point out a benefit here and there of the European governments, none of them provide the full range of freedoms enumerated in our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Representative Democracy and free enterprise system. That's why people from all over the world have come to America knowing that they can make a better life for themselves and that their children can have an even better life than they do. That's why we have been known as the land of the free.