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17/04/2014 · Evolution of TV – How television has transformed

Television Technology: A Look at its Evolution

TVs had been around for quite some time in the country—local television broadcasts started as early as 1928, though the signals were extremely low resolution (as little as 48 lines) and almost no one had a TV to watch. Less than 200 "television sets" existed in the world even by 1936, and many of those were lab-built experimental affairs with different resolutions and image display mechanisms. Widespread television adoption by the public didn't really get underway until in 1948. That's when RCA introduced the first mass-produced TV, the .

Commercials are merely paid advertising that is shown in between clips of sporting events, movies, or television shows.

Here’s a quick look at the evolution of television

The development of television's eventual core technologies stretches back into the 19th century (even farther, depending on how deep one wants to dig). But TV's dominance and ubiquity can be traced directly to the 1950s. A post-war world found itself flush with capital and manufacturing capability, and in the USA, the black and white television exploded in popularity.

In reality, the television may have revolutionized the way that our world works more than any other one thing except possibly the internet.

Programming language evolution continues in both industry and research, and is used in industries ranging from security cameras to televisions. Some current directions:

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However, after speaking to Jerome of , I learnt that Singapore used to manufacture TV sets too! Even before the 1960s, western brands of TVs had already made inroads into the Singapore market. By the 1970s, the nation had set up its own light manufacturing and have established its own brand of television.

evolution of the New York skyline

For those who had television sets then, it was not uncommon to have pictures taken in front of, or around the television set. Indeed, the TV served very much like a centerpiece of the living room. In the earliest days of television in Singapore, neighbours from the kampong used to invite themselves into your living room for some evening entertainment.

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From the photos we’ve collected, we spotted these few photographs with really cool and classic looking TV sets in the living room, which got me thinking about the evolution of TV in Singapore.

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