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Famous for: Martyr of the French Revolution

America – The Grim Truth - Escape from America

The world must be alarmed. All Africans, Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, and people from every conclave on Earth should be astonished. African people, notably citizens more particularly of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are victimized and are dying every day. Listen to the people who distrust the hospitals, who cannot shake hands, hug their relatives and friends. Innocent people are dying, and they need our help. The countries are poor and cannot afford the whole lot of personal protection equipment (PPE) that the situation requires. The threat is real, and it is larger than a few African countries. The challenge is global, and we request assistance from everywhere, including China, Japan, Australia, India, Germany, Italy, and even kind-hearted people in the U.S., France, the U.K., Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else whose desire is to help. The situation is bleaker than we on the outside can imagine, and we must provide assistance however we can. To ensure a future that has less of this kind of drama, it is important that we now demand that our leaders and governments be honest, transparent, fair, and productively engaged. They must answer to the people. Please stand up to stop Ebola testing and the spread of this dastardly disease.

For years, these media outlets have built their reputations on truth and now the trend is to lean left and not tell the whole story....

I am an American now a resident of Finalnd

Religions have used falsified, so-called sacred documents, and faked tradition, and as people trapped within them sense they are doomed for having embraced the Darkness and rejected, repeatedly, the Truth presented to them time and time again, the madness can but increase. As the promised false Endtime scenarios do not develop, foolish, gullible minds will be crushed into insanity bearing the destructive anger of doomed desperados.

The reality: He’s not so famous today, but people were sure crazy about him earlier

I am sure most of you have seen these items, but I paste them here just in case you missed them.
This video is about WikiLeaks and its work exposing the liars, hypocrites and murderers. Is this the world the New Agers are telling us will turn into Heaven very, very shortly? If you are easily disturbed by witnessing the madness of murderous and inexcusable violence, do not watch this. If it is watched, one must ask this: What karmic retribution will come to the willing killers and all who support them?

I travel pan-Europe for my work

Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Medias

Leba, it is not my responsibility to feed the people. Beggar, you have been on power for 25 years? why do you think you have to be on power if you can not feed people? It is your responsibility to feed the people. leba, corrupt, beggars, wusha, go and beg to Europe, beggar. You know nothing than begging, professional beggar, corrupt, rotten, balegie, worebella, immoral, wicked, insolent, devilish, you are dragon. What is dragon? dragon is a devil. You did hold the country hostage for 17 years in the name of liberation with no development? now after 25 years you tell us you have a problem corruption? dedeb, and you expect me to feed people? Shifta, leba, caveman

German Heroine Ursula Haverbeck Destroys Holohoax …

Dear Dawit, you delete my comment? Brother Dawit, I lost hundreds close relatives, and my own life was screwed by woyane so called liberation war and now our people selling their chickens to bribe Woyane cadres? it is disgusting and abominable. We stand for truth with no fear for anyone. In the first place, it was wrong to wage bloody war that destroyed the country in the name of liberation. But that is not enough, we have been forced to live according to Mao and Lenin because some bullshit, dick headed few Tigreans have distorted mind. You never see their own follies, but they keep on pushing themselves like an idiots and claim they are better than others. Truth surpasses reason because you can not believe and dwell in the wrong reason you create or you copy yourself, this time woyane maoist copied reason forced on Ethiopian people. We stand for the truth of humanity that all human need equal right, dignity, and integrity. We do not give shit if you are Tigreans or amara or x, y, z and we are tired of narrow minded people forcing themselves on others because they think they are even when they are wrong? why? Dawit, you can delete my comments, but the truth is that it will not change the truth. The truth prevail tribal, ethnic or racial bias, prejudice which is my myopic and narrow view of the world. We did not deserve all that war in the name of liberation and now we are expected to obey them and follow them like sheep, goat, and camels? why? we have brain. Everyone must live by working hard and sweating than by stealing, bribery, corruption. This is the most disgusting thing to happen in the very country. Everything is done by force brute force and there is room for innovation and room for exploration and hard work because corruption is rewarded, not hardwork.