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Table 7-2: Computer and Internet Use Among 3 to 24 Year-Olds ByDisability Status, 2001


Internet security doesn’t just touch on government, big business and law enforcers. It is an increasingly important concern for the average personal technology user, many of whom have little understanding of the issues and even less knowledge of the technical solutions. They just want to know that if they follow a few simple ground rules, they will be safe. I would highlight five particular areas of concern that require appropriate solutions: Data protection and privacy On the web, personal information can be as valuable a currency as cash. Citizen’s attitudes towards the privacy of their personal information are evolving

Table 7-3: Computer and Internet Use at Home Among 25 to 60Year-OldsBy Disability Status, 2001

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A number of major law enforcement operations demonstrate the need for interagency and international cooperation. A summary of major operations is shown in the table below.

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An act created by the United States to protect the personal information of children in . In order to comply, websites that collect information from children under the age of 13 (like for registering an account) must require a parent's permission before they do so.

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Taylor, M., and E. Quayle (2003). Child Pornography: An Internet Crime. London: Brunner-Routledge.

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The table below summarizes the responses to Internet child pornography, the mechanisms by which they are intended to work, the conditions under which they ought to work best, and some factors you should consider before implementing a particular response. It is critical that you tailor your responses to local circumstances, and that you can justify each response based on reliable analysis. In most cases, an effective strategy will involve implementing several different responses. Law enforcement responses alone are seldom effective in reducing or solving the problem.

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A variety of law enforcement agencies have a stake in preventing and investigating Internet child pornography. Some of these agencies have specific programs or sections to focus resources and coordinate ongoing responses. In the United States, key agencies and services include:

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In the strategies discussed so far the police role has largely involved working in cooperation with other groups or acting as educators. A number of strategies are the primary responsibility of police. As a rule, local police will not carry out major operations. Most major operations require specialized expertise and inter-agency and inter-jurisdictional cooperation. (See for a summary of major coordinated law enforcement operations in recent years.) However, local police will almost certainly encounter cases of Internet child pornography in the course of their daily policing activities. Law enforcement responses include: