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First published in The Church of England Newspaper

The churchwardens of Great St Bartholomew are delighted to announce the appointment of the Reverend Marcus Walker as Rector of the parish.

Marcus Walker was ordained in 2011 and served for three years in London. Born in Jerusalem, he spent his childhood in the Holy Land, Moscow and Cairo. After reading History at Oxford, where he was President of the Union, he worked as a parliamentary researcher for four years.

Marcus is currently the Deputy Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome. He co-ordinated the first Anglican Evensong at St Peter’s Basilica and the loan of the ancient crozier of St Gregory the Great to Canterbury Cathedral, as well as helping to run courses, host guests, liaise with supporters from around the Anglican Communion and keep the Anglican Centre running logistically.

Marcus has sent this message to the parish:-

I look forward hugely to swapping the excitement of Anglican-Roman Catholic ecumenical work in one of the world’s ancient cities for the excitement of ministering the love of God in the oldest parish church in one of the world’s great global cities. With its history, music, architecture and vibrant congregation, I look forward to helping St Barts to be a beacon for Christianity in the City of London, an oasis in a busy city.

The recruitment panel consisted of the churchwardens as parish representatives, the Acting Bishop of London, the Archdeacon of London and the Dean of Westminster, who is our Patron. The panel was unanimous and enthusiastic about the appointment of Fr Marcus. It is hoped that his induction will take place prior to the start of Lent, so that we are able to go through the complete season, Passiontide and Easter with our new Rector present.

We look forward very much to Fr Marcus’s arrival, and commend him most warmly to the parish.

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It’s just that the reality is how community is expressed in Scripture has fallen on hard times over the last couple of thousand years. Membership is often misunderstood, misapplied or not applied at all. The reality is we have often thought of membership like belonging to a select club, or like the old American Express commercial where “membership has its privileges.” That is not the way the Bible refers to membership.

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Chuck Dixon's Batman: The Chalice (2000), which is set within mainstream DC Universe continuity, portrayed Batman as a believing Christian and the latest in a long line of guardians of the Holy Grail. Although it is canonical within DC continuity, this volume has been criticized by some reviewers for presenting Batman out of character. Regardless of whether or not the degree to which Batman expesses Christian belief in this story is in keeping with how he has been portrayed previously, The Chalice does not appear to address whether Batman is Catholic or Episcopalian. The Holy Grail and its defense could be an element in either Catholicism or Episcopalianism (which is the American province of the Anglicanism, which is headed by the Church of England). Clearly this story of the Holy Grail and Batman as its hereditary defender would seem entirely out of place for a purely Reformation Protestant, so while failing to solidly identify Batman as either Catholic or Episcopalian, the story lends credence to the notion that he is one or the other (or both).

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