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The interior of a Farmhouse boasts a large "country kitchen" and a cluster of bedrooms on the upper level. Farmhouses contain at least one fireplace and large family gathering areas designed for relaxation. This country home is casual, functional and comfortable. Influenced by a number of different home styles, the Farmhouse is an elegant fixture in America's landscape.

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During the days of its popularity, many pattern books were published that showed examples of stick construction but relatively few were built. The stick style was a transitional style that followed Gothic Revival architecture and preceded Queen Anne architecture which was a more widespread and popular style. San Francisco has a large concentration of townhouses in the stick house plans style and in the northeastern states there are surviving examples of gabled stick victorian houses.

The American farmhouse is a country home style that highlights the simplicity of rural living. Coming up the drive, you will notice a large front porch or wraparound porch with the door centered, second-floor dormer windows and a gable roof that often runs parallel to the main road. The roof frequently flares out to cover the porch, which is an important part of the home plan. These large porches were originally designed to help cool the interior of the home also provide a shady spot for guests to gather and enjoy the outdoors. With functional shutters, decorative porch railing, and dormer windows that increase interior light and living space, the architecture of a country home is minimally ornamental but very efficient. Large, symmetrical windows help to accentuate the exterior and bring the outside in. The exterior is typically faced with horizontal siding.