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While neither was willing to switch sides, the landings began and met with little to no opposition. Leading the charge was Major General Charles W. Ryder's 34th Infantry Division, as it was believed the French would be more receptive to the Americans. As at Oran, an attempt was made to land directly in the harbor using two destroyers. French fire compelled one to withdraw while the other succeeded in landing 250 men. Though later captured, this force did prevent the destruction of the port. While efforts to land directly in the harbor largely failed, Allied forces quickly surrounded the city and at 6:00 pm on Nov. 8, Juin surrendered.

Short Stories for Middle School - American Literature

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At Thrall, literature is classified according to the numerical "Dewey Decimal System"and can be found in the "800s" section of our nonfiction collections.

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Literature introduces us to memorable characters who often have somethingin common with us or people we know, and those portraits and portrayalscan speak directly to the many questions and challenges we individuallyor collectively face today.