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Dido The video I will be analysing is Eminem's 'Stan' featuring the artist Dido on chorus vocals

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The search for both increased support and larger audiences has intensified over the last decade and now, more than ever, arts organizations seek skilled managers. To meet this need, the College of Fine Arts and the Heinz College's School of Public Policy and Management jointly developed the Master of Arts Management (MAM) Program to provide strong leadership in theater companies, dance companies, orchestras, opera companies, museums, galleries and arts policy organizations. In addition to the traditional two-year graduate degree structure, the Master of Arts Management Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts Management degrees within a period of five years through the Heinz College's Accelerated Masters Program (AMP). MAM Program alumni can be found managing music and arts service organizations; marketing orchestras, theaters and dance companies; fund-raising for museums, opera companies, ballet companies and public television stations; and managing the finances of university arts departments and private businesses working in the arts and entertainment industry.

Maynard's voice is like that of traditional mountain singing,like the North Carolina mountain folk musicians featured in (Maggie Greenwald, 2000).

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Also it is possible that rather than being a direct influence on , that both are simply examples of a bigger group of musical Westerns that share common traditions and approaches.

This anticipates in a comic way, the heroine of , who rejects her life as a classical musician, with tragic results.

The School of Music has as its goal the preparation of musicians for careers in performance, composition, conducting, music education and music technology. The programs provide the opportunity to study with world-class artists utilizing the best aspects of conservatory training in the context of a major research university, combining the educational with the intensely professional. The Bachelor of Fine Arts is offered in Music Composition, Music Performance, and Music and Technology (a joint degree with the School of Computer Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department) with minors in Collaborative Piano, Conducting, Music Education, Music Performance, and Music Technology available. The Master of Music is offered in Composition, Conducting, Performance, Music Education, and Music and Technology (a joint degree with Computer Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department).

Dec 16, 2010 · The poet explores the themes of nature and mortality. Here, the transience of life and the tragedy of old age is set against the eternal renewal of the nightingale’s fluid music.