Father Says Louisiana School Voucher ‘Got Me My Son Back’

the city's school voucher program to expire ..

SB3 and HB253, ESA and Tax Credit Scholarship voucher bills defeated in the House

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In the District, the findings show that students who used vouchers had significantly lower math scores a year after they applied to the program, on average, than students who did not receive a scholarship. Reading scores also were lower, but the difference was not statistically significant.

HB 1081 relating to the new instructional facility allotment under the foundation school program.

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March 9 is the deadline for submitting nominations for the Student Heroes award, a State Board of Education program that recognizes public school students who voluntarily perform services benefiting their schools or communities. Fifteen students, one from each board district, will be selected for the honor. More information and nomination forms .

HB 2051 relating to the new instructional facility allotment under the foundation school program. Increases allotment to $1000 from $250.

The Legislature partially addressed the scandalous limits on special education that were imposed on special education services by Texas Education Agency (TEA) by enacting a new law, Senate Bill 160, that prohibits TEA from ever imposing an arbitrary cap on special education enrollment again. The cap was lifted by TEA after media coverage that as many as 250,000 Texas kids had been denied the services they needed and to which they were entitled under federal law. But as noted earlier, the state budget failed to address the real cause of the problem – inadequate funding of special education and other public school programs.

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3. Vouchers drain money from the public schools. It seems obvious that taking money from the public schools and sending it to private schools would leave public schools with less money. But in the through the looking glass world of school finance, things rarely are what they seem. In Milwaukee for instance, Robert Costrell of the School Choice Demonstration Project of the voucher program and found that it is saving money in Wisconsin. And, in Washington, D.C. there was an infusion of federal funds into the city's public schools in exchange for the passage of the voucher program.

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4. Vouchers make all schools get better because they have to compete for students. It seems logical to assume that forcing schools to vie for students will improve quality. But schools are not economic entities like a store and respond differently to competition — for instance by going to court or to lobby state legislators. There have been vouchers for years in Cleveland and Milwaukee yet the schools there are still generally poor quality. In Washington almost a third of the city's students were using various choice options (mostly charter schools) before the public schools began to make real changes. But, we're still learning. Researchers at the have found evidence that competition improved schools in Florida.

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5. Private, parochial, or even public charter schools are better than regular public schools. Parents should worry a lot less about the legal status of a particular school than whether it's the right school for their child. A good fit depends on a host of factors including a strong academic program, successful outcomes, a clear curriculum, areas of emphasis like arts or technology, and even lifestyle factors such as limiting time spent in transit or a year-round schedule. Just because a school is private doesn't mean it is better overall or better for your child and even in places where the public schools are struggling overall there are often hidden gems. A few years ago Bryan and Emily Hassel published the Picky Parents Guide to help parents choose the best school (public or private) for their child. It's now available free online at their . As parents around the country start thinking about school choices for next fall, tools like this book will ultimately be a lot more useful to parents than the wild claims of both sides in the voucher debate.

New evidence from the Florida tax-credit scholarship program

Prompting intense judicial scrutiny in recent years, however, are those school choice initiatives—vouchers, tuition tax credits and deductions, and tuition reimbursement programs—involving private sectarian schools and potentially implicating federal as well as specific state constitutional issues regarding the separation of church and state.