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The Chinese writing system is an unique phenomenon in the modern world of alphabet scripts

Ancient Southwest Texas Project – Texas State …

La'n's epiphany resulted from having had the Great Spirit of God's soul speak to him; it foretold to La'n that Yo hee wah would send his actual love and its wisdom of teaching the white path of salvation, not only during human physical life, but, once chosen, after the soul has begun to return to its creator, bringing the greatest joy. This earthly presence of God would come as a sign-- a son in human form. Not as a purely human person, such as Pharisees and their minions, the gatekeepers who would claim to speak for God but without the intent of producing corresponding acts of goodness in word and deeds. La'n sensed from his soul that God would not forget what he shared with La'n: that he was to send to the earth a teacher for all of people, so that they might all choose to learn how not to hate back, and break the endless human cycle of destruction, which is the clearest manifestation that we are ignorant of God. La'n, with his faith and the power of the gift of free will, thought it was best to separate his enlightened tribe from the ancient prejudices of the tribe of Nephi, "The divider of God's children,". This is a human reaction which allows people to become separated from one another; it allows for a void to appear--a void that is usually filled by the warmth of daily human interaction-- and to become filled with apathy, ignited by the rejection felt by those who were left. This is a fertile ground for human hatred to grow. Thus, the failure of the well-intentioned leadership of both tribes was inevitable, as neither side allowed themselves to be kind to the other. Righteousness can only result in goodness when it is possessed by a person who rejects hatred and feels the love for his neighbor as himself and has chosen to love the Great Spirit Yo hee wah with all of his heart soul and mind.

Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years

Hearts of sotol and lechuguilla roasted in an experimental earth oven

Ireland uses The Red Hand and Star of David. The Cherokee have a Red Hand Society that once a year return to our sacred caves, first painting their hands with Red Ochre, and then yearly refreshing the Red Hand symbol on the walls of those ancient sacred caves. The Red Hand is also know as The "Hand Kabul."It was featured on the front of 's book .

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To be in harmony with God is manifested by our peaceful and creative actions, as it is by God's peaceful and creative actions that we will see the results promised to all of mankind. Teaching others by example results in an increase of peace on earth among mankind, which re-creates in others the harmony of that great teacher of people who was called by the ancient principle people the Shilu hah (the peace of God), who taught people through the Great Spirit of God and who speaks to the souls of all humans if they are listening to the Revelation of the Great Spirit, whether heard by all of people or just by one human. One human does matter, as the more in harmony a person is with the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah, the more powerful that human thought will be in beneficial results and will energize others to choose to be upon the white path of peace and goodness. One person can noticeably or substantially elevate and energize the collective harmony of people. It is this teaching of love and peace which was induced by the Great Spirit of God in La'n and had been promised by Yo hee wah-- that all things good have been made available to all of people through the gift of free will if they choose to become a principal person and truly live a just life of goodness. This was foretold to the lost tribes who spoke Hebrew by their prophets who perceived, as did Lehman, from the Great Spirit what was to come--brought and taught as a gift for all humans by Shiloh, the Shi lu hah, (the peace of God), the Shi luh waah (The Christ, the Way of God), and the Morning Star of Hope. All of these titles are the same and are but some of the 100 plus known names for the coming Christ Jesus before he was born to Mary.

BAM - Iran's Ancient City, over 2000 years old, …

Ancient Greece is called 'the birthplace of Western civilisation'

After the death of wise King Solomon, his successor son unwisely heavily taxed the Northern 10 Tribes or The House of Israel, more than he taxed his own Southern tribes, and as the Holy Bible recounts, a great division occurred, and two separate kingdoms were formed, undoing the work that King David had fought so hard to accomplish. Ever since that time, righteous Jews have prayed several times a day that the two parts of the "family" would be reunited someday. Serious efforts have been and are underway in Israel since the 1970s to explore, discover and return these lost "Remnants Of Jacob" back inside the borders of The State of Israel, and this is indeed happening, but not without some political friction. As was prophesied, the first tribe to return was the Tribe of Manasseh, who have settled on The West Bank. In the 1970s, Rabbis discovered Pashtun and other tribesmen in Afghanistan wearing Star of David broaches securing their cloaks on their bodies, and upon querying these tribesmen as to the possible location of any ancient scrolls, the rabbis were led to a small building with an ancient lock. Much to the horror of the Afghans present, the door was kicked down and an ancient Torah Scroll was discovered. Many of these Afghan people converted to Islam long ago, and are today known as "terrorists." No nation has ever conquered Afghanistan, though many (such as the British in the 1800s and the Russians in 1985 who limped home badly bloodied) have tried, and the United States is currently retreating as this article is being written. All nations who have made the attempt to conquer Afghanistan were left with thousands of dead, wounded, traumatized and disabled-for-life veterans to care for. The technology to look deep into the earth to located mineral deposits has existed since the 1980s, and it was announced not long ago that Afghanistan has the world's largest deposits of Lithium, from which the finest batteries are manufactured. Perhaps that is the "National interest" the USA has there?

The Workings of an Ancient Nuclear Reactor

Ancient Bam, or the Arg-i-Bam, at its peak of political, economic, and military power had some 11,000 citizens living in 400 houses within its city walls, which still stand much the way they did hundreds of years ago.