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Now similar does not mean exactly like, so you’ll need to ease your child into a peanut butter alternative behind the scenes so they won’t taste the difference. Here’s the secret: when your child has lunch at home, simply mix 3/4 peanut butter with 1/4 peanut butter alternative, and on successive days change the proportion to more and more of the alternative spread. In no time your child will be enjoying PBA&J (peanut butter alternative and jelly) sandwiches, and we’ll all breathe easier knowing our children are safe, secure and happy.

The combination of these two factors helped make peanut butter sandwiches one of the top children's meals in America.

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While I understand the concern, truly, I also feel there is a lot of hysteria around this issue. My daughter is about to enter kindergarten and I am preparing her and myself for what is to be a major event in her life. Sadly, this also means no more peanut butter sandwiches (a staple for years). I knew this was an issue for many parents and that schools had started to outright ban ANY nut product from their grounds. Being curious, I did some research.

I have noticed something very wrong with this forum. NONE OF THESE COMMENTS ARE FROM A CHILDS POINT OF VEIW, yet this takes place in a school setting. I’m a vegetarian, and my main source of protein is peanut butter. Before I continue with this, I’m 12. This is my first year of Middle school, and this was on my old elementary school’s homepage. Considering parents think that us kids are dumb enough to not tell the difference between soy butter and peanut butter, there is a clear issue here… You even said it in the letter “But the trick is” So you honestly want to trick your own child so that a minority can have a better lunch? It is safe, and they could die, I get that! I am allergic to penicillin, octocrylene, (A popular ingredient in sunscreen dangerous to kids in quantities over 10%) and have seasonal allergies. I hate to say it but soy butter has no taste and is really gross. It tastes terrible. I would like the adults on this forum to taste it for themselves… EWWWW. Even a kindergartener can tell the difference! More often than not, kids throw away their soy butter sandwiches, choosing to be hungry rather then eat the mud-like substance on the bread. When the parents see the sandwich is gone, they make another. Anyway, my old school has a peanut free table, and the kids at the table were fine. They had fun! I sat with them on days I bought lunch. Same as every other table! When I diligently eat my plain peanut butter sandwich, it bothers no one.
I have never heard of a case of anaphalaxis at my school.

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While the children with extreme food allergies do have a disability that could kill them (Which just blows chunks-wish there was a cure for food allergies.) Children with autism that will only eat one or two foods (Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for example) can be so picky that they would rather starve than eat something they don’t like. This is one of the sensory issues many autistic children have their entire life.

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I cannot believe that some people manage to sound so hateful. Whether your child has the allergy or your child is is in the class with the allergic child, is it that big of a deal to make this accommodation? If your kid eats nothing but peanut butter and jelly you have some work to do. How did they reach kindergarten age and only eat one food for lunch? My kids eat peanut butter and jelly at home but there are plenty of other things they can take to school for lunch.

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I am shocked and saddened by many of the responses I have just read. I am a parent of a child who is SEVERLY allergic to peanuts- yes life threatening- along with Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Cats, Dogs, Shellfish, Cats and Dogs and Asthma. If exposed to Peanuts, he would probably only have minutes. He is literally off the charts and his annual Ige tests do not show any improvement. We have taught him (he is almost 5) what he is allergic to and to recognize foods that he can’t have. He knows to ask an adult if it is peanut safe. We have done everything to educate him. However, I can’t expect another 5 year old who does not have food issues to realize that if they had a peanut butter sandwich and then touched my son or a toy that he plays with to realize that it will possibly kill him. THAT IS WHY WE ASK THE HELP OF OTHER PARENTS, TEACHERS, FRIENDS AND ANY ADULT WHO IS THERE TO HELP! I don’t want the entire world altered for my son, however I do expect others around him who I have notified of his allergies to be aware and help.

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I offered the solution of having separate eating areas and making sure everyone thoroughly washes their hands if eating peanut butter before they come into contact with someone with a peanut allergy. But still I find nasty replies stating that I am selfish. It is a bigger issue than eating peanut butter and jelly. It is the constant pressure to conform and do what the few determine is the best for everyone else. Disagree and you are close-minded. Never mind that they disagree with you. They know what is right and that’s that.