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Right hands have been cut off at the wrist as punishment for theft in Saudi Arabia

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This Associated Press photo is captioned: "Nadeem Butt, a notorious local drug seller, is publicly beaten by police in Lahore Saturday, Jan. 10, 1998. During the Islamic holy fasting month of Ramadan, police are on special alert for vice crimes such as drug pushing and gambling." Which rather gives the impression that this is not a flogging by order of a court, but an , not to say , informal punishment carried out on the spot at the police's whim. However, it can't have been as as all that, (a) because a press photographer was present and (b) because the culprit is being held by a chain to his wrists, so some element of preparation has gone into the event.

In fact, it can be reasonably argued that supporting armies and waging war is far more barbarous than the death penalty is.

Death penalty is barbaric practice

Judicial flogging is now operating in Indonesia, but only in Aceh province, and deriving from a quite separate, Islamic, tradition. These public punishments, for both sexes, are applied to the clothed upper back. In most cases it is done outside the local mosque. This agency photo, dated January 2006, was captioned "Nur Azizah binti Hanafiah, 22, prepares to receive a caning after being found by a citizen having illegal sex with her boyfriend at her house. Aceh Province has practiced Islamic Syriah law since 2001".

If one excludes murders committed by inner city blacks from the statistics the United States actually has a lower murder rate then Germany and France.Homicide Victim Rate/100,000 by Race in US (2000):

3.3 - White
20.5 - Black
2.7 - Other
Thus if you remove homicides committed by inner city blacks (total: 21862, Blacks:9316), and assume a proportionality between number of offenders and number of offenses, you can extrapolate US homicide offender rate of only 2.6/100,000, lower than Germany (3.27) and France (3.91).Including inner city black murders distorts the figures thrown around today, because they commit 7 times more murders per capita then the other 87% of country.

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Not only had they the insight to tell the difference between crime and punishment, but they also respected their moral responsibility to defend public safety by diligently countering barbarism, even in their colonies.

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But the issue of the execution of innocent persons is also a problem for the retribution argument - if there is a serious risk of executing the innocent then one of the key principles of retribution - that people should get what they deserve (and therefore only what they deserve) - is violated by the current implementation of capital punishment in the USA, and any other country where errors have taken place.

CRS/LII Annotated Constitution Eighth Amendment

So it is very clear that neither Christ nor His apostles intended to abrogate the God-given responsibility of the state (under Old Testament Law) to protect its citizens and enforce justice by capital punishment.And in Romans 13:3-4, St.

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Despite what you may think, Moskos is not pushing flogging as part of a "get tougher on criminals" campaign. In fact Moskos, who teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, begins not by arguing that the justice system is too soft on criminals, but the opposite. So before you accuse him of advocating a cruel and unusual form of punishment, he offers this reminder: in the U.S., there are 2.3 million inmates incarcerated in barbaric conditions. American prisons are bleak and violent, and sexual assault is rampant.

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Indeed, Genesis 9:6, God states: "Whoever sheds MAN'S blood, by MAN his blood shall be shed." Also, in the time when God was giving His law to Moses and His people, He said,This is religious evidence that one need not be God to exact a fitting punishment for the crime of murder.