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the beatles are the greatest band of all time. period.

The Beatles were the musical phenonemon of the 20th century because they excelled in so many different ways. Not only were the Beatles were popular stage performers, they were also acclaimed songwriters and excellent musicians. McCartney was a virtuoso bass player, one of the best ever; Harrison was in the early part of the Beatles career one of the best guitarists in the game (though he was overshadowed a bit by later maestros like Clapton and Hendrix), and Lennon wasn’t a maestro but was a solid guitarist as well. Ringo was a fine drummer. Their excellent musicianship combined with great vocals to embellish superb craftsamanship at songwriting.

In the wake of Brian’s death, the Beatles didn’t quite know what to do with themselves.

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960

People who bash The Beatles are just jealous because the band or act that they like are not mentioned. Fact is The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd would’nt be around if The Beatles wern’t here first. Plain and Simple!
I like those bands! The Beatles had many musical styles.
The were a Rock Band first! You have to put yourself back to what was playing in the early 60’s. Hard Days Night, I Feel Fine,Ticket to Ride, Rain, Taxman, Tomorrow Never Knows. Just to name a few. These songs were considered heavy songs compared to what was current at that time. Rock got heavier and progressed through-out the years. Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd continued what Beatles started and invented. Elvis was good. But during Beatles years he hid in the movies. He music was considered old fashion. Anyway he was a great singer but a not anything more then that. 100 years from now The Beatles will be remembered and all other acts will not. Oh by the way George Harrison help write one of Creams most famous songs. Shut-Up already!

Yoko and Linda first came into the picture when the Beatles were working on the White Album.

On 25th June 1967 an estimated worldwide audience of 350 million watched The Beatles perform 'All You Need Is Love' as part of the Our World satellite broadcast. This press event took place the day before the live broadcast.

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REBEAT digital magazine wrote up a great article on our first show of the 50 Summers of Love Tour! Thanks to Allison Johnelle Boron for the great write-up!

The Bootleg Beatles - The most successful Beatles tribute band ever.

Too many numerical statistics that can’t be accurately proven. The RIAA would be the first to tell you that they really have no idea how many records were sold before 1990. Accounting was built more on retailer’s impressions than actual numbers. And every country had their own method. Michael Jackson may have sold 750 million albums or maybe only 200 million. Nobody knows. The Beatles sold a ton of records. Several tons. In total, they are almost certainly in the top five in album sales. But Elvis had a headstart and nobody was checking worldwide charts in 1957. But many more albums are sold now than in the 1950s or 1960s, and nobody can prove that Garth Brooks isn’t challenging the Elvis & the Fab Four. Europe and Japan love country music.

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All human nature, warts and all, can be seen in the story of The Beatles.For Paul's part, as the newly bearded father figure, he certainly made his share of bad choices.

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It's not uncommon for celebrity cars to pop up at auctions. Next month at the Goodwood Members' Meeting, the hammer will drop on Nick Mason's Ferrari Dino, Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Diablo and Paul McCartney's Lamborghini 400GT. But sometimes it's refreshing when the auctioned piece of Beatles memorabilia isn't a luxury car, but something else entirely.

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A half-century ago, in a quest for fulfillment, the Beatles traveled to India and produced what would become a wildly popular double album. However, tensions that arose on that excursion foreshadowed the eventual breakup of the Fab 4, according to a band historian.