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It was in 1951 that Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan climbed aboard the Super Chief passenger train in New York, heading towards Los Angeles. Though the writer and his director had high hopes for their new screenplay, The Hook, it was something more than a business trip. It was a chance to get away from New York, from the daily routine of writing and, in Miller's case, from his tense marital life with Mary, his wife of 10 years. 'For a man of 35,' he lamented, 'I seemed to have done nothing but work...When, I wondered, does one cease to work and start to live?' The answer, it seemed, was now.

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On the evening of 29 June, Miller and Monroe were married in a civil ceremony. Two days later they married again, this time in a Jewish ceremony in Waccabuc, Westchester, in the home of his literary agent, Kay Brown. 'Marilyn had a yearning to belong,' Miller said later. Monroe's conversion began and ended with the wedding ceremony, though she did once help Miller's mother prepare chicken soup and matzo balls.

In 1977, he participated in Documenta 6 in Kassel, West Germany and in 1978, the Robert Miller Gallery in New York City became his exclusive dealer.

With the during the winter of 1949 on Broadway, Arthur Miller began to live--as a playwright who has since been called one of this century's three great American dramatists, along with Eugene O'Neill and Tennessee Williams.

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On 10 June, the gossip columnist Walter Winchell announced: 'Playwright Arthur Miller, reported next husband of Marilyn Monroe, will get his marital freedom tomorrow. Next stop trouble. The House Un-American Committee subpoena for Arthur Miller will check into his entire inner circle, which also happens to be the inner circle of Miss Monroe, all former communist sympathisers.'

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Throughout the summer and autumn of 1955, Miller and Monroe met regularly, unknown to almost everyone. In an interview in July that year she said that she was thinking of buying a house in Brooklyn. The interviewer noted an English bicycle by the kitchen on which, she explained, she cycled in Central Park and on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. What she did not reveal was that the man who cycled with her was Arthur Miller.

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Once the film was in the can in November, the Millers left, after a public farewell with the Oliviers designed to squash rumours of discord. It was a carefully staged performance, lacking in sincerity. Both Monroe and Vivien Leigh, Olivier's wife at the time, were in a delicate mental state, while Miller and Olivier were acutely aware of the fragility of their marriages. For Miller, the trip, the Peter Brook production of A View from the Bridge aside, had been a disaster. As he was to remark, 'England... had humbled both of us.' Determined to start afresh, they went on a two-week delayed honeymoon, to Ocho Rios in Jamaica - though, oddly, with his cousin Morton Miller and his wife.

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The Seven Year Itch finished shooting on 5 November, 1954. In December, she flew to New York, announcing, 'In leaving Hollywood and coming to New York, I feel I can be more myself. After all, if I can't be myself, what's the good of being anything at all?' Then, in April, she sub-leased an apartment in the Waldorf Astoria Towers. At the suggestion of Cheryl Crawford, one of its founders, she enrolled in the Actors Studio, whose alumni included many of the best-known names in the American theatre and cinema. Monroe, who had made the acquaintance of Paula Strasberg in Hollywood when Strasberg was visiting her actress daughter, Susan, effectively became the Strasbergs' protégée, and a relationship began that Miller was not alone in regarding as destructive, whatever it may have done for Monroe's confidence as an actress.

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They walked on the beach and watched as the fishermen landed fish, though the sight of those fish gasping for air distressed Monroe. On returning to the city from Idlewild (now Kennedy) airport they came across the body of a dog, run over by a car. According to Morton, 'Marilyn shut her eyes, covered her face with her hands, and shrieked.' She was, Miller conceded, 'over the top about animals, children, old people. She could be fierce about protecting them. She would get absolutely outraged that somebody had killed a fish. Although she ate fish, she didn't want to see them murdered.'