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Review of Sir Isaac Newton's interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel.

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(In his work Newton also proved important theorems about inverse-forces, work largely unappreciated until Chandrasekhar's modern-day work.)Newton once wrote "Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity,and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."Sir Isaac Newton was buried at Westminster Abbey in a tombinscribed "Let mortals rejoice that so great an ornament to the humanrace has existed."Newton ranks #2 on Michael Hart's famous list ofthe Most Influential Persons in History.

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He discovered De Moivre's Theorem: ( x + x)n= nx + nxHe was a close friend and muse of Isaac Newton, who allegedlytold people who asked about :"Go to Mr.

Jakob Steiner made many major advances in synthetic geometry, hoping thatclassical methods could avoid any need for analysis;and indeed, like Isaac Newton, he was often able to equal or surpass methodsof analysis or the calculus of variations using just pure geometry;for example he had pure synthetic proofs for a notable extension to Pascal's Mystic Hexagram,and a reproof of Salmon's Theorem that cubic surfaces have exactly 27 lines.