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The experience almost put her off adding to her brood, but, mercifully, not quite.
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and “The Changeling” at Cannes ..

Well, Changeling's account of that story isn't wholly complete. It pins the blame for the wave of killings that probably did for Walter on Gordon Northcott, a Canadian psychopath. Yet, , and actually even confessed to wielding the axe. Like Christine, she was a mother.

The Bloody Brood (1959) The Blood Of A Poet (1930) ..
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The Brood; Goodbye , Columbus; Network ..

While I'm not a native speaker, I'd like to offer cuckoo, or maybe cuckoo child. Cuckoos are well-known to be obligate brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds, relying on them to raise their offspring. John Wyndham uses this word in a similar sense in the title of his novel .

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Changeling could easily have embraced Sarah's role in the proceedings. If it had done so, it would have presented us with an altogether more rounded picture of just what motherhood can entail. What a pity that not one of the film's 141 minutes could have been spared to achieve this end.

The Changeling; The ..
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