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Case Shined First Light on Abuse of Children

Michael Laposata of Boston, MA believes in cases ofpotential Shaken Baby Syndrome, the medicalcommunity should perform a whole battery of blood tests rather thanperforming the simplest or most common tests to be absolutely certainof whether there's been child abuse.

Onthe Thursday before Labor Day, 2007, while Julianna Caplan ofWashington, DC waschanging the diaper on one of her twins, she heard a dull thud.

After she beganthrowing up and drifting off to sleep, her parents grew concerned,called the doctor and ended up at Children's Hospital. Thebaby recovered fully within 24 hours, but Caplan and her husband,Greg, remain trapped in the District'sfrightening child-abuse system.

In the UK, new medical evidence could clear childminder(babysitter) Keran Henderson,who is serving a three-year prison sentence after being convicted ofshaking an 11-month-old girl to death. That new evidence comesfrom this side of the Atlantic. Dr Chris Van Ee,professor of biomechanics at Wayne StateUniversity in Detroit, claims tests with crash dummies and corpses showthat falling off a sofa -- as the Caplan twin accidentally did -- doesfar more damage than shaking.

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because a rare genetic disease may be the cause of theboy's death, not abuse. It's too late for the rest of thefamily. Their other children were seized by the state and adopted by otherfamilies.

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Waney-Squier, a prominent British neuropathologist,re-examined the criteria she had used as a prosecution expert andrealized it was wrong, she became the target of vicious personal andprofessional attacks. And, as with the SBS "diagnosis" itself,Scotland Yard has carried the fight to the US. ColinWelsh, lead investigator at Scotland Yard’s child abuse investigationcommand, told a US conference on SBS that defense experts should bebanned from criminal and family court trials, because they confusejurors and judges. Meanwhile, Dr.

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As FC gained popularity among families with autisticchildren, a flood of false sexual and physical abuse allegationsagainst parents and siblings followed.

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Dramatic news is emerging that the Watch Tower Society has lost its first lawsuit since the libel case of 1940. For more than 70 years, the Watch Tower Society has prided itself on its clean legal record, although this has now collapsed in dramatic fashion after a jury at the Alameda County Superior Court found Jehovah’s Witnesses legally responsible for the sexual abuse of Candace Conti, who suffered repeated molestation at the hands of a member of her congregation when only nine years old.

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Candace Conti, now 26 and living in Stockton, took the brave decision to pursue legal action against the Society over her abuse as a child after repeated attempts to persuade her congregation to change its policies fell on deaf ears. During the 1990s, when she was a child, her local elders at North Fremont congregation knew that her molester, Jonathan Kendrick, had sexually abused other young girls in the congregation, but concealed this information from her parents.

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The prosecutionsexperts, doctors with the University of Chicago’s ComerChildren’s Hospital, insisted that retinal bleeding meant the baby hadbeen beaten, even though he had no bruises or fractures. (Yes,they get paid expert witness fees.) Fortunately, jurors arebeginning to see through the lack of evidence that permeates SBScases. .

The quasi-diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)started in the UK, and became a cottage industry for prosecutionexperts there before leaping like a wildfire across the Atlantic to theU.S. When Dr.