The kingdom is also a realm over which a reign is exercised.


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The fact that the present activity of the kingdom in the world will initiate a movement that will include evil men as well as good should not lead to misunderstanding of its true nature.

The harlot is the great city which has "kingdom," dominion over the kings of the earth (Rev.

The "kingdom of the world" is opposed to God's kingdom (Rev.

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The "kingdom of God" means primarily the rule of God, the divine kingly authority.

The kingdom has come among men but not with power which compels every knee to bow before its glory; it is rather like seed cast on the ground which may be fruitful or unfruitful depending on its reception (Matt.

A king's reign is frequently dated by the phrase "in the...year of this

This eschatological coming of the kingdom will mean the

Your support will cause even more to be done. Our social service kingdom work is vital to the world! Remember, you have four ways you can help: Spiritually (religiously and morally), Socially (providing service), Physically (personal support), and Economically (financial support and in-kind giving).

As the dynamic activity of God's rule the kingdom is supernatural.

When Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36), He did not refer to His realm; He meant that His rule was not derived from earthly authority but from God and that His kingship would not manifest itself like a human kingdom but in accordance with the divine purpose.

The presence of the kingdom in history is a mystery (Mark 4:11).

We seek to meet the need of mankind spiritually, socially, physically and economically. Our kingdom work operates in schools, missions, daycares, foodservice, indigent care, and is always seeking to expand to meet the need.

2 sees four human kingdoms, then the kingdom of God.

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There is both a future and a present realm of the kingdom.

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God calls men to enter His own kingdom and glory (I Thess.

This new gospel given to Triumph Church to share with the world is known as the . The Everlasting Gospel is to prepare and call mankind, both soul and body, into everlasting existence on earth together with God (Matt.